RHOA Recap: Porsha & Kandi Clash After Porsha is Kicked out of Todd’s Birthday Party

rhoa season 11 episode 10
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Things have gotten worse between Kandi and Porsha.

The episode begins with Porsha and Kandi arguing.

After Porsha calls Kandi a b word, things get explosive.

Porsha even gets up like she’s ready to throw hands. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she is confused about how things have turned out.

“How did we end up here, again?” – Kandi

Producers then take viewers back to one week prior.

There was drama at Todd’s birthday party.

Todd, Kandi and Don Juan discuss the birthday party Todd just had for his 45th.

It was an epic night and Todd is thankful. He decided to go with a Michael Jordan theme since that is the last number Mike had before retiring.

Later on, Jami and Carmon come through. They discuss the fact that there was drama with Porsha.

Meanwhile, Porsha is having hotdogs with Dennis and Lauren.

They discuss the fact that Porsha was kicked out the party. She says that Jami and Dennis’ ex started circling around her and Dennis. This did not sit well with Porsha.

Jami says that it was Dennis that grabbed the ex’s arm and spoke first. The ex then hugged Dennis and  kissed his cheek. That’s when Porsha came over upset.

Dennis says he then tried to call out his ex for kissing him on the cheek. Porsha then confronted both the ex and Jami. At that point, both women tried to walk away from Porsha.

And Porsha wasn’t having it, so she followed them and asked them what was going on.

Was this a set up?

According to Jami, Porsha came over and chest bumped her from behind.

All of this made Dennis and Porsha uncomfortable, so they decided to leave. Before they could do that, someone from Kandi’s team pulled them to the side and told them they have to leave.

So Porsha and Dennis were kicked out the event.

Kandi says after this happened, she got a  text from Porsha saying “that hoe Jami” had Porsha kicked out.

As for Kandi, she says Porsha feels like Jami was the aggressor. In her opinion, Jami told the ex to speak to Dennis and cause drama. Although Kandi feels Porsha was actually the aggressor, she doesn’t want her friends throwing Porsha out of events.

Porsha hates that the blogs reported that she beat someone up at the party. That did not happen and she wasn’t even drinking since she is pregnant.

Todd says that he just feels Porsha may have been drunk off of Hennessy.

Both Porsha and Dennis are convinced that this was all a set up. Especially since this ex has been brought up on multiple occasions to the group by Kandi.

Kandi says that she feels like Porsha should have been more upset with Dennis than the ex.

“He thought the whole thing was funny, apparently.” – Carmon

Carmon says that Dennis texted his ex later that night and said she shouldn’t have done anything at the party. He ended the message with a “lol” and the group seems to think Dennis is enjoying the attention.

It is also said by Jami that Dennis has been in regular contact with his ex.

Mike will be in town.

Cynthia isn’t happy she hasn’t heard from Noelle.

Two months have already passed since she left for college.

Her sister Mal is over and they discuss the fact that it will be the first time Mike spends the night over at the house.

Of course Cynthia is a little bit nervous. Plus, he told her he has something important to ask her.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says she’s open to marrying Mike. So she’s hoping it’s a proposal.

Peter is back.

Peter Thomas stops by to catch up with NeNe and Gregg.

He attended Todd’s party.

It is revealed that both Gregg and NeNe have kept in touch with Peter after the divorce. Like Cynthia, he also is in a serious relationship.

The friends discuss Gregg’s battle with cancer.

Gregg has to have more surgery to reconnect his colon. So Peter lets Gregg know he plans on being supportive through it.

Noelle’s first year in college is discussed. So is Cynthia’s love life.

While Peter says he’s happy Cynthia is in a great relationship, he throws light shade and says he only watches ESPN. Not Fox Sports, where Mike works.

Tanya throws more shade.

Eva and Michael stop by Tanya and Paul’s house.

Both Paul and Michael attended Morehouse.

They discuss the fact that Tanya angered NeNe with her comments about her Swagg sunglasses.

Tanya throws a little shade in her green screen interview.

“I didn’t think it was a shady comment. You know, Christian Dior is a 100-year-old fashion couture house. And Swagg Boutique is just…different.” – Tanya

Regardless, Eva is thinking they should plan another bachelorette party. That way all the women can get back in a good place.

Mike makes it to Cynthia’s place.

He immediately is greeted with hugs and kisses.

They joke about having s*x on the countertop.

As Cynthia prepares food, Mike tells her that he needs to see his mom while he’s in Atlanta. He wants Cynthia to meet his mother soon.

When it comes to what Mike wanted to ask her, he asks Cynthia if she will be his lady. She says yes, even though they have already been exclusive for five months.

Ronnie and Shamari go to a couples counseling session.

Shamari admits that it’s tough taking care of the kids while Ronnie tours.

She also misses touring herself. But she’s not ready to be away from the babies.

Porsha recaps what happened at Todd’s party.

Cynthia, Shamea and NeNe make their way over to Porsha’s house.

She explains that Dennis’ ex Sherri and Jami came over to where they were and circled around them. This led to Porsha calling them out and then being tossed out the party.

NeNe thinks this was messy.

Plus, Porsha is also not happy that Kandi never reached out to her afterwards.

They change the subject and Porsha confirms she’s pregnant.

Everyone is thrilled for her.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia questions why Porsha would get into a confrontation while she’s pregnant. But Cynthia plans on asking Kandi what happened.

It’s the day of Eva’s second bachelorette party.

She’s having it at Tanya’s house.

When Kandi gets there, she tells the other ladies Porsha unfollowed her on Instagram and deleted the pictures they took together.

She also says Porsha was the aggressor and walked up on Dennis’ ex Sherri. So she feels Porsha should be apologizing to her for causing drama at Todd’s party.

Porsha arrives and speaks to everyone except Kandi.

When everyone is settled, Kandi asks what Porsha’s issue is with her.

Turns out Porsha is upset Kandi never called her back to talk about the drama at the party.

But Kandi says Porsha was the aggressor and should have been calling her.

Porsha says she wasn’t the aggressor and she was wrongly kicked out the party. So she feels Kandi is not a real friend.

“Clearly.” – Kandi

It gets messy between Porsha and Kandi.

Kandi then says that Porsha was wrong to chase after Jami and Sherri. She feels Porsha should feel like she has way too much to lose. But Porsha says that is not what happened.

She points out that Kandi doesn’t even know what happened because she wasn’t there. Kandi is going by what her friends told her only.

“Multiple people saw you.” – Kandi

“I don’t give a d*mn what the factor has to say.” – Porsha

Porsha says that Kandi’s friends always do what they want and they are disrespectful.

Kandi says that Porsha needs to stop acting like the victim when she causes the drama.

“I’m nobody’s victim, b*tch.” – Porsha

“Who the f*ck you calling a b*tch?” – Kandi

At this point, Kandi says she’s leaving before things get way out of hand. This is when Porsha calls her fake.

Porsha is adamant that Kandi is trying to make her seem like the issue when she didn’t cause the drama. And Kandi says that Porsha brought everything on herself by chasing Jami and Sherri.

Then Porsha says if the shoe was on the other foot and this happened with her and Todd, Kandi would have cut up.

“The problem is you don’t know how to control yourself, that’s the problem.” – Kandi

It’s clear more will be said but the episode ends with “To Be Continued…”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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