Tanya Sam Thinks NeNe Leakes is Jealous of Her

nene and tanya
Photo Credit: Bravo

When it comes to RHOA, fans are always opinionated about the cast.

Anytime there is drama, a lot of viewers will pick sides and vent on social media.

And plenty of them have something to say about this latest beef.

On the latest episode, all the women traveled to Tokyo and went to the Fortune Oracle. There they read their fortunes.

Tanya’s fortune claimed that marriage is in her future. Knowing that Tanya has been engaged to Paul for several years, NeNe told Tanya that it’s possible she could marry someone else.

This upset Tanya and she later called NeNe out about it.

NeNe got visibly irritated and said that she doesn’t “give a f*ck.”

If social media is any indication, Tanya is still feeling some type of way about the exchange.

She recently liked some shady comments about NeNe on Instagram. And most of them accused NeNe of being jealous.

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