Cynthia Hopes She Can Be Friends with NeNe Again

Cynthia And NeNe
Photo Credit: Instagram

Cynthia and NeNe appear to have different perspectives about the future of their friendship.

Rumor has it some unflattering footage of Cynthia was revealed at the reunion.

Reportedly, Cynthia admitted that she actually invited Kenya to her event. However, she told NeNe that she had no idea that Kenya would be there.

The footage angered NeNe.

And she told fans that Cynthia has done a lot of underhanded things. Now she’s done with the friendship.

But Cynthia told US Weekly that she hopes they can be friends again:

I have nothing bad to say about her. I hope that we talk about it and work through it … I think we can. I hope we can move past it.

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