LHHATL Recap: Rasheeda Meets Baby Kannon + Karlie’s Friend from the Past Causes Drama

LHHATL Season 8 Episode 2
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Rasheeda is ready to meet Kannon.

Kirk and Rasheeda do a panel put together by Shekinah.

They open up about their up and down marriage.

Afterwards, Rasheeda tells Mimi, Shekinah and Karlie that their 19th anniversary is coming up.

She’s now ready to meet Kirk’s son Kannon.

Mimi brings up her own family changes.

She’s upset that Eva met Faith before she did. Stevie told her it’s not a big deal and he can do what he pleases as Eva’s dad.

Scrapp is getting ready to meet his father.

After thinking his father was dead, Scrapp is preparing to finally meet the man.

His father Big Will shows up at Karen’s place.

He says he can’t talk well due to having a stroke.

Will says that he had no idea Scrapp was even locked up until recently and Scrapp gets upset because Will hasn’t been in his life for years. So everything sounds like excuses.

Scrapp storms off to get some fresh air and Sas talks him into going back to hear what Will has to say.

When Scrapp goes back inside, Will says he wants to try to have a relationship and he loves Scrapp.

“I just love you, period.” – Scrapp

All Scrapp can think about is how much his mom has held him down while his dad wasn’t around. But he will try to see where things go for them.

Karlie has found love with Arkansas Mo.

He owns his own business and has a great relationship with her daughter.

They met through Joc’s manager.

The couple has so much to do as far as their engagement party and their wedding.

They discuss Spice lightening her skin to spite trolls on social media.

Mo encourages Karlie to have a supportive talk with Spice.

Spice doesn’t understand why bleaching is such a big deal.

While in the studio, Spice has a conversation about everything with her Jamaican friends.

She feels African-Americans are hypocritical. They don’t want to support her but will bash her if she lightens her skin.

Her friends tell Spice lightening her skin is not a good idea. There are too many risks and Americans aren’t understanding of bleaching like the people in Jamaica are.

Stevie comes by to see Mimi.

She tells him she’s upset that Eva met Faith before she did.

And Stevie doesn’t like that Mimi was alone when he was shot at.

In a green screen interview, Stevie says Mimi is just mad she wasn’t the one he married.

Before Mimi throws him out, he tells Mimi that he will set up a meeting with them and Faith.

Pooh Hicks hangs out with Mimi, Erica and Sierra.

Hiram is a music industry executive and they have an open marriage. Pooh doesn’t believe a man can be with one woman.

She enjoys being a housewife.

Sierra discusses her love life. BK is still in the picture but she’s keeping her options open.

The women don’t know what to expect at Karlie’s engagement party.

Stevie updates Faith.

He tells her that Mimi wasn’t happy that Eva met Faith before she did.

Although Mimi wants to meet Faith, Stevie is nervous about them meeting.

He doesn’t want any drama. Regardless, Faith is ready for the sit down.

Pooh and Karlie’s history is revealed.

Karlie stops by Sierra’s salon for a touch up.

They discuss Pooh and Pooh said Karlie didn’t invite her to her engagement party.

Karlie says she and Pooh were friends. But she got turned off when she saw that Pooh acts single. She also feels like Pooh is nothing but an opportunist.

Sierra recalls seeing Pooh pursuing other men.

Plus, Karlie is feeling some type of way about Pooh telling the blogs that Karlie slept with her husband.

“I don’t f*ck with her. Like I’m good.” – Karlie

Scrapp talks to Karen about Big Will.

Karen says it was a rumor going around that Will had died.

She was in a relationship with Will but ended things after she caught him with another woman.

Several years later she heard he died.

But three years ago, she found out he was alive.

Scrapp says that Karen should have told him as soon as she found out. But Karen says she didn’t think it was a good idea to do so because Scrapp was locked up.

Rasheeda meets Kannon.

Kirk’s daughter brings him over.

While Rasheeda was nervous, she’s confused as to why he’s not wearing pull ups at 2 years old.

Kirk says he’s not understanding where the child support is going. Since he feels Jasmine’s mother and grandmother are the ones taking care of Kannon, he’s going to have to a talk with them.

Mimi and Faith meet.

Stevie says that he was wrong to have Eva meet Faith before Mimi.

But he’s going to get it together.

Faith says she knows how Stevie can be and things have to improve because Eva wants to see him more.

Moving forward, all three will work together to make sure things get better.

In a green screen interview, Mimi says it seems like Faith actually keeps Stevie in check. She’s impressed.

Karlie and Pooh clash.

Pooh comes by Karlie’s store.

She questions why she wasn’t invited to Karlie’s engagement party.

After Karlie says she doesn’t want to be friends anymore because Pooh hits on her boyfriends, Pooh says Karlie slept with her husband.

She then says they used to have 3somes together, and security then has to restrain them.

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