Jasmine Responds After Kirk & Rasheeda Criticize Her Parenting

Jasmine And Kannon
Photo Credit: VH1

Looks like Jasmine does not like Rasheeda and Kirk criticizing her parenting.

On the most recent episode of LHHATL, Rasheeda finally met Kannon.

And after she noticed the child is still wearing pull-ups at two years old, she expressed her displeasure.

She and Kirk discussed the situation and Rasheeda made it clear that as a mother, she would never let her two-year old still wear pull-ups.

Here’s what she had to say in a green screen interview:

Yes, he is in his terrible twos. But I ain’t gonna lie, if he was being raised in my household, ain’t no pull-ups at two.

Kirk took things a step further. He stated that it bothers him that he doesn’t know where his child support money goes.

He also claimed that Jasmine doesn’t really take care of Kannon and her mother and grandmother are the ones who watch the child while Jasmine parties:

He’s always with his grandmom. Kelsie and them communicate. And looking on the gram, it’s party, party, party. And my whole thing is it’s sad but it’s like what are you doing with the bread?

Jasmine clapped back at the couple and the rest of her critics on Instagram.

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