Nipsey Hussle’s Business Manager Says Shooting Wasn’t the Result of an Argument

Nipsey Hussle Death
Photo Credit: Instagram

After it was confirmed that Nipsey was shot and killed in front of his store in LA, a lot of people just couldn’t believe it.

HIs death highlighted how much he was loved and respected in the music industry and in his own community.

A suspect has been arrested and Eric Holder how now been charged with murder and attempted murder.

As a result of the charges, he’s facing life in prison.

A lot of folks on social media claimed Nipsey was shot after he got into an argument with Holder.

It was said the two men argued after Nipsey called the man a snitch and told him not to come back to his store.

Holder left to only return with a gun minutes later.

However, Nipsey’s business manager and friend Herman Douglas (aka Cowboy) told a very different story.

In fact, he told the LA Times that Holder approached he and Nipsey as they stood in front of Nipsey’s store.

He told both men he’s a rapper and shook their hands before leaving to get a burger. After Herman went inside to eat his food, Holden returned not too long after with a gun.

Check out the video below.

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