Black Ink Crew Season 7 Episode 19 Recap & Video Clips


‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Cease Regrets Injuring Alex + Alex Clashes with Donna

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Black Ink Crew Season 7 Episode 19

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Sky returns to the shop. 

She tells the gang that her boutique is doing much better. 

Cease tells everyone that Alex is suing him. But he doesn’t believe that Alex is really injured. So he hired a private investigator to find out the truth. 

Krystal says that she found out she has another sister on Instagram. Apparently her father never told her and her sister is 20 years old. She’s curious and plans to meet her soon. 

Not too long after, Bae arrives and says Mama Bae is quitting. She wants to get back to her life in Korea. 

So Cease suggests they throw her a surprise send off party. 

Alex is moving in with Donna. 

For now, she’s financially supporting the both of them with her job at Puma’s shop. 

In a green screen interview, Alex says he’s not happy he can’t support his son and himself. 

But Donna doesn’t want him to feel guilty. 

Cease finds out the truth. 

Sky drops by Cease’s place. 

They are supposed to be going out but when Sky gets there, Cease is sitting down worried. 

He says his private investigator looked into Alex and Alex really isn’t lying. 

Cease admits he realizes he was very wrong to do what he did. He never really wanted to ruin Alex’s life since he was once Alex’s mentor. 

“Words can’t describe how much I feel like a f*cking idiot.” – Cease 

Kitty comments on Mama Bae’s temporary employment. 

Back at the shop, Tati continues to grow irritated with Krystal. 

Kitty notes this and takes her to the back room to talk. 

They end up discussing Bae and her mother. 

“I am gonna miss her. But it’s a good thing that she’s leaving, you know, free up some money for us cause it’s not in our budget to have two receptionists. And you know Mama Bae shouldn’t have ran up Bae’s credit card. And you know that’s why she was here. I’m like d*mn Mama Bae. We employ you and you take me shopping. I needs me a new bag!” – Kitty 

In a green screen interview, Tati says this was messed up for Kitty to say when she’s close to Bae. 

Minutes later, Sky comes and tells everyone that her grand opening is happening. She only wants Teddy and Cease to show up. 

After she suggests the staff has three mental health days every month, she tells them Alex has permanent spinal cord issues. 

And he couldn’t have been the one to throw a brick into the shop. This surprises everyone. 

Tati then says she can’t wait to take some mental health days and calls Krystal a home wrecker. Krystal and Tokie ignore her and Tokie says Tati is a  little fly that they can’t even hear. 

Bae brings her mother to the shop for her surprise send off party. 

She’s happy to see the gang planned this for her. 

They surprise her with dancers and Bae decides it’s the for Mama Bae to go when things start to get a little too wild.

It’s the night of Sky’s grand opening. 

When she pulls up for the red carpet, she’s shocked by how many people turned out. 

This warms her heart. Des, her mother and even Safaree are there to congratulate her. 

But when Charmaine and Neek from the Chicago crew show up, Sky isn’t thrilled. 

Sky’s been mad at Charmaine for a while. Sky shaded Charmaine on social  media first and Charmaine clapped back on a “Black Ink Crew” special. 

Although Sky wants to still be mad, she can’t help but forgive Charmaine and the women share some laughs and hugs. 

In a green screen interview, Sky says she never really had real beef with Charmaine. But she’s still convinced Charmaine is trying to be like her. 

Not too long after, Cease and Teddy show up. They hand her some flowers. 

Cease is so proud of her. 

Sky gives a thank you to everyone who showed up, as well as her mom, Des, Teddy and Cease. 

Krystal meets her half-sister Kiomara. 

it’s a bit awkward between them at first. 

But it doesn’t take long for them to hit it off. 

Krystal says she doesn’t have much of a relationship with her dad since he went off to jail. Although he’s a free man now, not much has changed. In particular, she doesn’t like that he didn’t tell her about Kiomara. 

This brings her to tears. 

“He took away 20 years from us.” – Krystal

Krystal regrets not spending all these years with her younger sister she didn’t know about. 

Both women hug it out. 

Sky gets honest with Cease. 

After they go back to her place in Miami, she tells him he has a habit of pushing away people he’s the closet to, like Donna. 

So she suggests he has a little vacay in Los Angeles. 

Alex and Donna clash. 

Donna takes Alex on a pottery date. 

But he’s not confident he can sit in the chairs because they look too low. 

But the manager says that’s the only chairs they have. Alex gets irritated when Donna suggests he sits in a high chair.

So he storms off and they argue outside. 

Alex tells Donna that his fallout with Cease is all her fault. 

And she’s the one who told him to go with her to Bae’s wedding which led to him being jumped. 

He’s even regretting ever coming to work at Black Ink. 

Bae is sad to see her mom go. 

They ride to the airport and have an emotional conversation about what they have been through together. 

Some tears are shed. 

Tati calls out Kitty. 

Teddy plans a laser tag outing for the group in Sky’s absence. 

Tati continues to throw shade at Krystal and she returns it right back. 

Not too long after, Tati says that Tokie and Kitty are fake. 

This is when Bae tells everyone what she heard Kitty was talking badly about her and her mother. 

This confuses Kitty. 

So she demands Bae explains what she heard. 

But the two women end up arguing and get restrained by security before things can turn violent. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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