Nipsey Hussle’s Ex is Allegedly Trying to Take Control of Rapper’s $2 Million Estate

Nipsey Hussle Ex
Photo Credit: Instagram

Nipsey Hussle’s ex Tanisha has been battling the rapper’s sister Samantha for custody of their ten-year-old daughter Emani.

However, the judge decided it would be best for Samantha to have temporary custody of Emani.

Although Tanisha is hoping she will be able to secure permanent custody, it’s been said that her past run-ins with the law may make that difficult.

And now TMZ is reporting that Tanisha is eying the slain rapper’s estate.

Weeks ago, his brother Samiel filed paperwork to become the administrator of Nipsey’s $2 million-plus estate.

Rumor has it Tanisha plans on objecting Sam’s appointment.

If this happens, it’s possible she will try to become the administrator herself.

That would put her in charge of Nipsey’s fortune.

Nipsey died without a will. So the judge will have to appoint an administrator of his estate on June 10.


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