LHHATL Recap: Kendra Doesn’t Want to Have Kids with Joc + Kirk Texts Jasmine Behind Rasheeda’s Back

LHHATL Season 8 Episode 12
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Security continues to separate Tokyo and Pooh.

Both Mimi and Shekinah are upset Pooh came to Trinidad to cause problems instead of making peace.

Karlie says Pooh lied on her so that means they were never real friends.

When Mimi asks Pooh why she’s doing what she’s doing, Pooh tells her, Shekinah and Rasheeda that she has tried to work things out with Karlie. But she felt she had to have “proof” that Karlie slept with her husband, hence her bringing her bedsheets.

Meanwhile, Karlie cries to the others feeling like Pooh has ruined her trip.

Stevie catches up with Hiram.

Both men recall their time in the music business.

They watch Akbar V perform in the club they met at.

After Akbar wraps up her performance, she speaks to Hiram and Stevie.

Not too long after, Sierra comes up to speak too.

Sierra wastes no time to talk to Hiram about her issues with Pooh. But Hiram says he doesn’t want to discuss anything personal at their business meeting.

Then Sierra calls out Stevie for not being supportive of Scrapp while he was locked up.

Akbar gets upset and pulls Sierra outside to remind her she was meeting with Stevie and Hiram to help her career. They argue and Sierra storms off.

Karlie takes the gang to meet her family.

They go to he aunt’s lavish house to meet everyone.

Karlie’s family is friendly and everyone is impressed by the house.

Mimi and Karlie go off to the side to talk. Karlie asks Mimi why she would invite Pooh to Trinidad and Mimi says she had no idea Pooh was going to show out the way she did.

Kirk has been in contact with Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Kirk is annoyed by all the text messages he’s been getting from Jasmine. He’s not even supposed to be talking to her, so he secretly gave Jasmine his number.

This is not something Rasheeda wanted.

Scrappy tells Kirk that he needs to tell Rasheeda he gave Jasmine his number. If not, things will blow up in his face later.

When Karlie’s cousin and aunt question why Karlie and Joc broke up, Kendra gets irritated and walks away.

Mimi and Rasheeda meet with Pooh.

She tells them that she wants to try one more time to hash things out with Karlie.

Pooh says she never meant for things to go left but she had to bring the receipts.

Karlie takes Kendra and Bambi to a local market.

She tells Kendra not to worry about what her family said about Joc. She likes hanging around Kendra so she hugs her and apologizes.

Bambi tells Karlie that she should take the high road with Pooh. Karlie agrees.

Pooh and Karlie get nowhere, again.

Minutes later, Rasheeda and Mimi arrive.

Mimi asks Kalie if they can talk privately.

They tell her about their latest conversation with Pooh. Both are hoping Pooh and Karlie can talk about things.

Pooh pops up and says she wants them to end their beef.

Karlie says that she can’t move on until Pooh admits she’s been lying about Karlie sleeping with her and Hiram.

Pooh says she can’t do that because it happened. Karlie then says she wants Pooh to tell her daughter it didn’t happen. Pooh says she will tell Karlie’s daughter nothing happened, but Karlie then says Pooh just doesn’t get it.

Later on, Pooh tells Mimi and Rasheeda that Hiram only said nothing happened because Karlie lied and said her daughter was on the phone.

Stevie and Scrapp hash things out.

They meet and Scrapp tells Stevie he was wrong not to show up to talk at a drug problem while he was locked up.

Stevie apologizes and says he couldn’t show up because of his own legal problems.

Tommie is also brought up.

Stevie says they didn’t sleep together but she pulled out his “junk” in the car once.

Both men agree not to dwell on their issues and move forward in peace.

While out on a date with Scrappy, Bambi tells him that Kendra told her that she doesn’t want to end up as another one of Joc’s baby mommas.

He has four.

Joc confronts Kendra.

Later on, Joc tells Scrappy he’s going to propose to Kendra. Scrappy then tells Joc that Kendra told Bambi she doesn’t want to have kids with Joc. Joc says he wishes Kendra would have told him this but he does already have 8 kids. And his oldest is 19. Regardless, he still has a lot to think about.

Hours later, the gang goes to the Jam Nation festival.

When Joc pours a drink on Pooh’s behind, Kendra gets upset.

She pulls him to the side and checks him.

He then tells her he knows she doesn’t want to have kids with him. With Joc being drunk, Kendra walks off since she knows the conversation won’t go anywhere.

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