Evelyn Refuses to Forgive Jennifer for Allegedly Trashing Her Daughter

Jennifer And Evelyn
Photo Credit: Instagram

A lot of “Basketball Wives” fans were happy to see Evelyn and Jennifer hash things out.

However, the peace between them was shortlived.

Tami told the group that Jennifer had plenty to say about Evelyn while they weren’t speaking.

And she even said some not so nice things about Evelyn’s daughter Shanice.

According to Malaysia, Jennifer claimed Shanice sleeps around and has had work done to her body. Malaysia also said that Jennifer claimed Shanice has been sleeping around since she was 16.

After this got back to Evelyn, Evelyn felt like her friendship with Jennifer was never real. She’s also made it clear that she has no plans to forgive Jennifer this time around.

Jennifer has denied ever making these claims.

So when one of her followers told her not to forgive Jennifer, she liked the comment.

Check out the screenshots below.

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