Watch: Candiace Still Doesn’t Think Ashley Wants to Get Pregnant + Isn’t Moved by Miscarriage Story

Photo Credit: Bravo

Candiace is not ready to move on from her issue with Ashley.

She’s been telling others that she’s not convinced Ashley is really trying to get pregnant.

Candiace says the proof is the fact that Ashley struggled to give up alcohol.

Ashley was made aware of this during the group’s trip to New Orleans.

To no surprise, Ashley was upset about this. They had a couple of arguments and Ashley told Candiace to drop it.

But that hasn’t been easy for Candiace.

On the upcoming episode, Candiace isn’t even moved when Ashley opens up about her miscarriage at Monique’s rainbow baby party.

She later tells Gizelle she’s not buying it and she still doesn’t think Ashley really wants a baby.

Check out the video below.

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