‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jennifer Blames Her Actions on Her Mother’s Death

Basketball Wives Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

Jennifer regrets nothing.

The episode begins with everyone recapping Shaunie’s event.

Jackie and Kristen meet up at the nail salon. Kristen rolls her eyes when Jackie called Shaunie’s party the bomb. Of course, that’s because of the conversation CeCe had with Evelyn.

Jackie tells Kristen to be a “grown woman” with CeCe to work things out. It’s mentioned Kristen’s sister in law Londen comes up. She worked for CeCe and doesn’t have the best opinion of CeCe.

Jennifer joins the ladies at the salon and she gets a mouthful from Kristen. However, Jennifer’s not here for that, or anyone else’s opinion for that matter. Three years ago, Jennifer’s mother passed away and she doesn’t really care how others felt about her opinions, including Shaunie. Interestingly enough, Jackie tells Jennifer Shaunie doesn’t want anything to do with her.

It’s clear Jennifer isn’t remorseful of her past actions.

O.G. is Team CeCe.

O.G. and Tami also recap what happened at Shaunie’s event. Tami’s surprised Jennifer showed up and says that’s exactly why she left early. O.G. also hips Tami to CeCe’s and Kristen’s beef and Malaysia’s position in it. Tami knows Malaysia wants to be involved but it won’t be easy to do so. So, she decides to FaceTime Malaysia.

Malaysia says she got Kristen and London to sit down with CeCe. O.G. tells Malaysia that she is Team CeCe. And she knows a secret that hasn’t been revealed to the group yet that will change everything.

Meanwhile, Shaunie and Evelyn emphasize they don’t want anything to do with Jennifer. However, Jackie says she feels sorry for Jennifer, mentioning she’s acting out because her mom passed away 3 years ago.

Evelyn doesn’t buy this.

“Let that woman rest in peace. Like, don’t do that s*** to her.” – Evelyn

Jackie invites Evelyn and Shaunie to a crystal party and hopes this event will help them squash their beef. Shaunie doesn’t think it’s gonna work and she’s not going to talk to Jennifer at all.

CeCe, Londen, and Kristen talk things out.

It’s time for CeCe and Kristen’s sit down and Kristen shows up with a handle of vodka. Malaysia’s going to play mediator. Londen, Byron’s daughter, shows up next. Malaysia tells Londen that CeCe’s wants to build a bridge. Although Londen says she wants to work on the relationship, however, it’s not going to be easy. When Kristen arrives, the tension is thick.

Malaysia has all three of them lay things out on the table in hopes a resolution can be drawn. Kristen calls it disgusting to find out from Evelyn, someone CeCe doesn’t like, about Byron not wanting Kristen at the wedding. CeCe says Byron heard Kristen said he doesn’t see his grandchild on the show last season.

CeCe tries to leave when things get tense and Malaysia tries her best to keep things calm. She also does the best she can when it comes to Byron’s grandchildren.

Tears begin to flow at the end and a resolution doesn’t arrive. However, they all hug it out.

Jennifer is struggling as the outcast.

Later on, Jackie meets Jennifer and her friend Mary and Jackie feels that Jennifer feels uncomfortable around the other cast “solo.” They’re at a flower shop and Jennifer brings up her invitation to the crystal party.

Jennifer says she doesn’t want a group discussion, letting the tears flow. She doesn’t want to be made out to be a monster.

“What the f***? Do I just bow down and apologize…” – Jennifer

She doesn’t want to apologize for things she didn’t do. At this point, Jackie isn’t sure Jennifer will show up.

After the sit-down with Kristen, Londen, and CeCe, the sisters meet with Kristen’s husband Thomas. They tell him that Byron’s upset about what Kristen said on the show last season. He empathizes with Kristen and says Bryon doesn’t see his grandchild. He also points out that this wasn’t happening before CeCe came into the picture.

Evelyn goes to lunch with her friend Feby. Feby is the ex-girlfriend NBA player Lance Stephenson and a Brooklyn native. Lance and Feby have two children and she’s trying to establish her own thing in LA. Lance doesn’t know she moved out to LA from New York but, she wants their kids to be closer to Lance.

Tami wants to make things right. 

Meanwhile, Reggie and Tami talk about not talking about their marriage with the other cast mates. However, Jackie’s suspecting things are happening between Tami and Reggie. But Tami’s got bigger issues. Lyric and Jazz aren’t happy Reggie and Tami eloped without them. So, they’re going to have a family meeting.

Later that night, CeCe and Byron are at home talking about their engagement party. During the conversation, Byron openly revealed he’s not happy with Kristen. He’s also not happy with Londen showing up to Malaysia’s sit-down. He says she’s not bringing his grandchild around them.

“As far as Kristen, If I don’t ever see her again in life, I’m cool.” – Byron

It’s time for Reggie and Tami’s meeting with Lyric and Jazz. Tami’s ready to move on from everything but they need their daughters on the same page. Jazz and Lyric show up and they ask why they weren’t invited to the wedding. Tami admits she “f***ed things up,” not inviting them to the wedding.

Reggie says it was his idea to elope and asks for their forgiveness. Jazz and Lyric ask why Tami’s cast mates don’t know and she admits that she isn’t sure they would even be happy for her.

Shaunie and Jennifer have a moment.

It’s time for Jackie’s crystal party and girls meet up for a drink to meet Feby. Jennifer calls Kristen while she’s with the girls and they overhear Jennifer talking. Evelyn rolls her eyes when Jennifer says she’s not trying to be foolish.

O.G. shows up first to the party followed by Evelyn, Shaunie, Kristen, and Feby. Vanessa, Jackie’s other friend, shows up. She’s married to NBA player Robert Sacre. The event begins with meditation. Well, everyone but Shaunie. Evelyn and Shaunie are clowning around in the back.

The calmness goes away when Jennifer shows up. They begin talking and Jackie gives Jennifer the push to hash things out. Evelyn speaks first, bringing up how Jennifer started rumors involving Shaq and Shaunice.

Things go left and Shaunie looks ready to leave. Shaunie tells Jennifer that she’ll never call her a friend, saying she has a stank attitude. Evelyn says it’s disrespectful to Jennifer’s mom to use her as a reason for her behavior.

“So your mother passes away and you become an a**hole?” – Evelyn

This causes Jennifer to cry but Evelyn isn’t here for her. However, Shaunie shows some surprising empathy for Jennifer, ending the episode with a hug.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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