Fix My Life Strangled By Love Preview: Iyanla Helps Dealing with Abuse


A Couple With Vast Childhood Baggage Seeks Out Iyanla’s Help on ‘Fix My Life’

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Iyanla Fix My Life Demetrius and RaAnne

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What happens when you have a husband and wife that never confronted and moved beyond the abuse each suffered as a child?

Unfortunately for married couple Demetrius and RaAnne, this led to serious issues in their marriage threatened by divorce. It’s also influencing their son who’s acting out.

On Saturday’s episode, Iyanla does her best to get to the root of their marital strife, mired by physical and verbal abuse.

In the various clips, Iyanla learns that the couple brought into the marriage major childhood trauma. Demetrius was abandoned by his mother at a very young age and RaAnne suffered a loss of innocence at the hands of a relative. Iyanla does her best to get them to face their past together for the sake of their son.

Check out the preview clips below.

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