Erica Dixon Responds to Bambi

Photo Credit: Instagram

When it comes to Erica, Scrappy and Bambi’s co-parenting relationship, they don’t really have one.

There’s isn’t much communication outside of text messages.

But Bambi says this arrangement works best for everyone.

Momma Dee disagrees and she tried to talk Bambi and Scrappy into having an actual conversation with Erica. But the couple refused and said there’s no need to.

Apparently, the backlash on social media has been getting to Bambi.

She vented on Twitter recently and even called out Erica. Bambi claims she and Scrappy tried to talk to Erica before they filmed the current season of LHHATL. But Erica refused to.

And Bambi is convinced Erica is using the situation as a storyline.

Well, Erica has responded.

Check out the tweets below.

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