‘Claws’ Recap: Dean & Desna Reconnect With Their Dad As Mac & Melba Interfere

Claws Season 4 Episode 5 Recap
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Roller wants to move in.

The episode begins with Desna continuing to nurse Roller back to health. They both are considering hanging low for a while.

Of course, Roller is talking about moving in with Desna and Desna’s brushing it off.

When Desna gets to the salon, Desna receives a food basket from Melba with a reminder to stay away from the casino. She also tells the girls that Roller wants to move in.

Polly brings up how Desna’s commitment questions regarding Roller stem from her daddy issues. Interestingly enough, Desna’s been tracking her biological father and he’s an architect in Florida.

Dean’s still hanging out at the casino.

At the casino, Virginia’s pleading with Dean to come home. However, Dean brushes her off.

Bryce is slowly getting more people to Uncle Daddy rehab when Uncle Daddy and Brenda walk in together. Bryce quits when Uncle Daddy tells him he has to work with Brenda, calling her an angel.

When he walks out, Brenda suggests someone take over for Bryce while flirting with Uncle Daddy.

Later in the day, Desna and Roller meet up for lunch at the shrimp shack. When she tells him about reaching out to her biological father, Roller thinks it’s a good idea.

Back from extorting more store managers, Joe and Polly return to their office and Joe’s interested in learning the “real Polly Marks.” Here, she shows a rare vulnerability.

“When I’m with you, I don’t feel totally broken. That scares the crap out of me.” – Polly

Desna’s father disappoints.

Desna takes everyone’s advice and heads to the construction site her father, Calvin Sims, is leading a team.

She approaches him and tells Calvin that she’s his daughter.

He asks to speak to her later about this and that breaks her heart. She calls Dean but he’s distracted by Max at the casino.

Melba tells him about finally separating himself from Dean and Mahjong.

At the salon, Bryce tells Jenn he quit after Brenda came back. Interestingly enough, she grabs a white guest by her extensions and kicks her out for her liberal use of the n-word.

Afterward, Virginia returns to the salon and tells Desna about Dean hanging out at the casino still.

Yolanda tries to extort Polly.

The former accountant confronts Polly, telling her to cut her into their extortion or she’s gonna tell Mac, Melba, and Desna about it.

Meanwhile, Desna tries to confront Mac at the casino regarding Dean but nothing happens. So she returns to the casino to call Dean but gets his voicemail

Suddenly, Desna gets a guest—her father Calvin.

Desna gives him a piece of her mind about her childhood. Calvin gets honest with her and says he tried to act like Dean and Desna didn’t exist.

Virginia seems to be Bryce’s replacement at the rehab and Bryce looks on from the window.

Back at the salon, Calvin wants to get to know Dean and Desna. Desna tells him Dean’s at the casino.

Speaking of the casino, Polly sneaks back into the casino and heads to the office to see Joe. She tells her about the threat from the former accountant Yolanda. He tells Polly Yolanda isn’t anything to worry about.

Dean brushes off Calvin.

Calvin meets Dean at the Mahjong table and sits next to him. Mac sees Calvin and has Joe pull all the info he can find about him.

Calvin’s conversation with Dean and Dean ends up losing his mahjong game. Dean goes off on Calvin and he walks away.

Back at the salon, as Bryce vents about Dean taking over, Yolanda texts Polly calling her a “two-faced b****.”

Dean returns to the casino with Calvin to tell him that Calvin is indeed his father. After Calvin persuades Dean with a trip to the contemporary art museum in Sarasota, Florida, all three leave the casino before security approaches.

When they get to the museum, Calvin, and Dean slowly bond. Calvin then invites them to an event at the museum later that night.

She returns home, she thanks Roller for giving the suggestion or reaching out to Calvin and agrees to Roller moving in.

“I used to think people couldn’t change. But, I was wrong.” – Desna

Mac heads out to a construction site where Calvin’s working to bribe him into staying away from Dean.

Meanwhile, Polly heads to Yolanda’s home with the door locked. She walks in to see Yolanda dead and hanging  in a bedroom doorway.

Brenda and Jenn make amends.

Virginia’s leading a session, burning sage, when Jennifer and Bryce walk in. When she sees Brenda, Jenn tries to assault Brenda but, Bryce stops her. He pleads with Jenn to let go of the anger towards Brenda.

Virginia walks over and tells Jenn Brenda’s disappointment reminds her of the first time she was hurt. Brenda and Jenn recall that time and it helps them find common ground again. They both hug and everyone else slowly claps.

Mac walks in angrily because Calvin didn’t accept the bribe. Polly walks in telling Joe about Yolanda’s death. Polly cries when Joe tells her Yolanda was “depressed.”

This doesn’t do anything to calm her worry.

Melba drugs Calvin.

At a diner, Melba drops her purse in front of Calvin’s desk and he offers to pick it up. It gives Melba an opening to drop a drug into Calvin’s coffee.

The drug causes him to vomit on stage in front of everyone at the museum dedication ceremony, freaking out Dean and Desna.

In a taxi, Dean’s trying to return the casino. Virginia pleads with him to stay with her but he ignores this and hops out of the car to get his own Lyft.

The next morning, Ann had to take a pregnancy test, which shows positive. Calvin walks into the salon to apologize for what happened and told her that this “weird lady” possibly slipped something into his coffee after he denied a bribe from Mac.

Desna apologizes to Calvin for getting to him caught up with Mac and Melba. She called Dean and told him what happened but he doesn’t believe her.

The episode ends with Desna grabbing her gun to go and confront Mac and Melba.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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