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Tamar Braxton Says Feelings About Trina Braxton’s Engagement Are Valid + BFV Hurt Sisterhood

Photo Credit: Instagram

Tamar made some appearances at this year’s Essence Festival.

In particular, she even did an interview in which she opened up about BFV.

She still feels like WE tv and the show’s producers are messy behind the scenes.

This is what she had to say about her boyfriend David Adefeso’s appearance on the show:

We can say things in private over some cocktails and nobody can hear it, judge whatever we’re talking about. But there’s 13, 14 cameras around us and he’s just saying what he wants to say. And he’s a regular person. That’s what he used to and I’m like, ‘don’t say nothing,’ thinking that’s material that they’re not going to use. Not material that they’re going to turn around to make him look like some punk a*s.

I’m upset about that because you know, he works really hard and has worked really hard being the self-made person that he is. And it’s devastating to me for ratings and for clout that people will use whatever they can for their own benefit. Not just our relationship but my relationship with my sisters has suffered tremendously.

When it comes to her reaction to Von Scales’ proposal, she feels like her feelings were valid:

Now yes, I am a birthday diva. However, since we’re talking about it, I thought we were sitting down and having a birthday dinner. Now the night before was shenanigans. Right? And we had talked about doing a redo and for me I had just let everybody…and I just let everybody know how I feel. And five minutes later…’will you marry me?’

That’s how we doing? I mean that’s just kind of how I felt about it and actually how it played out. And when everybody showed my reaction, I was like I thought I just let everybody know how I felt.  I was disappointed, I was hurt. And it’s absolutely no regard. Okay. Well, congratulations. Goodnight everybody. I’m going to bed.

And that was my rebuttal. It wasn’t the best. But that’s just how I felt in the moment. Everybody gotta understand, if you tell your boyfriend, and you tell your sisters or your momma how you feel about something and they act like it doesn’t matter, your feelings are going to be hurt too. And that’s just how I felt at the time.

Check out the video below.

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