RHOP Recap: Michael Gets Hit with New Accusations + Candiace & Monique Clash

RHOP Season 4 Episode 10
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Gizelle and Robyn meet up.

They talk while they look at kitchen cabinets and appliances. Gizelle’s offer on the house was accepted. So she’s in full renovation mode.

It’s probably going to take six months to get everything she wants done. Gizelle even wants another level added.

Robyn isn’t sure Gizelle understands how “all this stuff is going to add up.”

But Gizelle isn’t really worried. She’s confident she can do it.

Robyn and Gizelle plan to apologize to Ashley.

Katie has invited everyone to her hoedown.

Robyn says that she doesn’t understand why Ashley is so mad at her. She’s not the one who even brought it up. Gizelle did.

Gizelle feels bringing it up was the best thing to do for Ashley and Robyn’s friendship.

Regardless, both women agree to apologize to Ashley at Katie’s hoedown.

Chris and Candiace clash.

They go out for a bite to eat.

Candiace vents about how her counseling session with her mother went nowhere.

She explains that her mother Dorothy always says she’s lying when she says how she feels.

And she hates that her mother talks over her.

Chris points out that Candiace does the same thing when they talk.

This upsets Candiace and she says that isn’t the same. She actually feels like her mother diminishes her.

Candiace then decides to storm out of the restaurant. They argue outside as Candiace cries.

When he tells her she shuts down and doesn’t listen to people when she gets upset, she gets angry. He then says she did that with Ashley.

This really angers Candiace and she tells Chris to move out her way so she can drive off.

He refuses and she threatens to move him herself. He still doesn’t move and Candiace physically moves him out the way before driving off.

Karen and Ray visit a motorcycle instructor.

After her salt therapy session with Ashley, she has a new hunger for life.

The husband and wife are going to ride a motorcycle. Karen has a very good first ride and says she and Ray are going to buy one.

Monique feels Candiace went too far.

Ashley and Monique meet up at a baby clothing store.

Monique is just doing a little shopping for her baby on the way.

In a green screen interview, Monique says it may be hope for their friendship after all.

Since she won’t learn the baby’s gender until she gives birth, she’s going to bring one boy and one girl outfit to the hospital.

They talk about what went down at Candiace’s dinner party.

Monique says she can’t believe Robyn was the one who brought up all the Michael stuff.

And she really didn’t like how Candiace acted that night. Throwing the butter knife was too far but she understands things can escalate at times. She did have a situation with an umbrella.

Although she feels this way, she hopes Candiace doesn’t get mad because she doesn’t agree with her actions towards Ashley.

Two days later, Michael makes headlines.

He’s been accused of assaulting an RHOP cameraman.

The women discuss this between them and Gizelle calls Ashley to check on her.

Ashley says she’s not worried about the accusations.

But in a green screen interview, Ashley says she did break down when she first heard the news.

Regardless, the cameraman has now filed a lawsuit against Michael.

She tells Katie she thinks it’s very odd that these accusations came out after Robyn and Ashley made their own accusations.

Candiace comes by Monique’s house.

They discuss Ashley.

Candiace says it’s messed up Ashley used something she shared with the ladies against her.

She doesn’t want people bringing up her mother Dorothy.

Monique says that although Ashley is getting her karma, Candiace is doing too much. She then says Candiace actually had a temper tantrum and the other women don’t respect her enough to tell her that.

Candiace says that she’s seen Monique exhibit “hood behavior” in the past, so this is hypocritical.

She tells Monique that she doesn’t want anyone to bring up her mother. But Monique feels that’s unfair since she’s always bringing up her mother.

In a green screen interview, Monique says Candiace needs to be careful because you get back what you put out. And it’s happening to Ashley now.

All the women head to Katie’s hoedown.

On the way, Gizelle apologizes to Ashley. She admits she told Robyn to bring up the stuff about Michael.

Ashley says she gets this but Robyn didn’t have to actually move forward and bring it up to Candiace.

Gizelle tries to bring up the cameraman accusations, and Ashley says she can’t really say too much for legal reasons. But she and Michael are stronger than ever.

“Really?” – Gizelle

Robyn apologizes.

When Ashely gets there, she’s in good spirits. This surprises everyone.

Robyn pulls her to the side and apologizes for what happened at Candiace’s dinner. They hug it out.

After the hoedown, the women eat.

While they eat, Candiace apologizes for her outburst at her dinner. Gizelle speaks up and says Ashley is the one who is owed the apology.

Candiace says she gets that and she will do it in her own time with just Ashley. But Gizelle told her Ashley said she never wanted to speak to her again.

Gizelle admits she said this.

Ashley accepts her apology and then says she won’t talk about the lawsuit but the truth will come out eventually.

Karen offers her sympathies, and Gizelle reminds her that she gave Robyn a high five at Candiace’s dinner after she brought up what she thought she heard Michael say.

Although Karen owns up to it, she says Gizelle is the one who told Ashley to come back to Candiace’s house after she kicked out.

The women call out Candiace.

Candiace says she does want to be friends with Ashely, but she wants Ashley to own what she did to everyone else.

Ashley says that Candiace was the one who accused her of not trying to have a baby. That crossed the line for her.

Robyn tells her she’s too obsessed with Ashley. Candiace says she’s not the only messy one in the group.

As the women try to tell her she’s been judgmental, Candiace goes off and says that they have all been judgmental.

Monique explains that Candiace went after Ashley’s fertility. She feels that’s too far.

They start arguing as Candiace says everyone at the table isi hypocritical.

Not too long after, Karen tries to make peace with Ashley.

But Ashley accuses her of being fake since she’s been enjoying Ashley’s drama.

They start arguing.

“The bar of soap…you might want to help your husband!” – Karen

Candiace drags Karen away.

Monique and Candiace clash.

They then talk about how Candiace really feels about Monique.

She feels like Monique is going out her way to defend Ashley.

Monique comes over and says she didn’t like that Candiace called her a hypocrite.

Candiace says she doesn’t like being chastised.

Monique says she’s not chastising her.

After Candiace tells Monique to go talk to Ashley, Monique gets mad and calls her a little girl.

Karen then drags Monique away and Monique threatens to drag Candiace.

Candiace tells her to do it and Monique threatens to throw a bottle at Candiace’s head. She then tells Candiace to grow up.

Minutes later, Monique calms herself down. She then apologizes for the threats she made to Candiace. But Candiace gets emotional and tells Monique to go away. Both women break down in tears as they realize their friendship is in trouble.

As for Candiace, she wonders how she got to the point that she’s fighting with her mother, Chris and now Monique.

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