‘Claws’ Recap: Quiet Ann’s Brother Blows the Spot on Mac & Melba + Ann Pays Dearly

Claws Season 3 Episode 7
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Iyanla Vanzant makes a cameo in Desna’s dream.

The episode begins with Desna appearing with Mac and Melba Lovestone on “Blue Chairs,” hosted by Iyanla Vanzant. The show is a parody of Maury and a dream sequence.

Thankfully, she wakes up in the salon and she’s with her girls at the salon. They want to help save Desna get Dean out of the casino before the Triads get involved. However, Desna says she got this on her own.

Next, in her office, Poly comes in and apologizes for getting involved with Joe, the pit boss.

Poly wants to go back to help and Desna says she could use the help.

Ann and Arlene hear their baby’s heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Ann and Arlene are having an ultrasound. It takes a minute to find the heartbeat which causes Ann to panic. But that quickly subsides when they can hear the heartbeat.

At the casino, Desna and Roller are making a beeline for Dean and Roller keeps her focused. Dean already heard of the danger of the Triads from his new parents Mac and Melba. However, not even that danger could persuade him to leave.

So Desna makes a desperate choice, revealing to Dean she framed setting a fire in their orphanage to keep him from being adopted. However, that backfires and angers Dean.

Mac and Melba are watching and they discuss their real reason they have Dean around—to win a mahjong tournament and take his prize money. Melba reminds Mac that after the tournament, Dean’s good as dead.

Desna uses Roller to get close again with Dean.

Roller meets up with Desna at a casino bar and accepts Desna offer to run the polo grounds club, to get Dean out of the casino. Mac and Melba walk over to gloat and reluctantly agree to Desna’s plan.

Poly returns to the office and Joe’s not too excited to see her, especially since she sent back the gun. He asks if Poly is trying to play him and she says no.

Back at the salon, Virginia’s getting help from Jenn on an outfit to wear for a date with Eric. Bryce runs into the salon to happily tell Jenn he accepted a book offer.

Roller manages to get Dean away from the Mahjong table and get him to get his dancers back together to perform at the club.

Meanwhile, Desna gets a surprise shipment of money to clean from the Governor. Ashe forgot she has to uphold her end of a bargain agreed to at the end of last week’s episode. She goes to Melba for advice on how to clean the money.

Melba warns Desna that she has to keep this money away from Triads. They have a woman who uses the money to gamble.

Ann’s brother learns of Governor Patel’s money laundering.

Ann and Arlene meet with Ann’s brother who is considering dropping out of the Governor’s race. Ann convinces him to say and promises to give him information on Governor Patel.

Dean got his dancers back together and Poly’s training them. Joe comes over and reveals his jealousy of Dean.

Roller sets up his casino club and has Dean in place. He manages to keep Desna away from him spoiling the moment.

Bryce and Jenn meet with the publisher and everything seems to be like a dream come true. The publisher gives a $25,000 advance. The gesture brings Bryce to tears.

Roller’s opens with a performance from Dean and his dancers. Meanwhile, Poly reveals Joe believes Mac and Melba legitimately have good intentions with Dean.  However, Desna’s still suspicious. After the performance, Roller tells Dean he should go out on the road instead of playing in the Mahjong tournament.

Ann’s brother spills the beans.

A Governor’s debate goes on and Ann’s brother reveals he’s for same s-x marriage because of Ann’s engagement to Arlene. However, Governor Patel puts Ann’s brother on the hot seat for his homos-xuality.

However, this backfires when Ann’s brother accuses Trip Patel of using the casino to launder money.

Desna calls Poly in a panic. Poly gets enlisted to find out of Mac and Melba know about Ann, specifically from Joe.

However, Joe’s angry Mac and Melba’s been overlooking him a whole lot lately and Poly uses this moment to her advantage, growing closer.

Desna keeps calling Ann and keeps getting her voicemail.

As this goes on, Ken gets accosted by one of his patients for her lack of opioids. Meanwhile, Brenda and Uncle Daddy have been growing closer together, despite Toby. Toby confronts Uncle Daddy about Brenda. Uncle Daddy asks Toby if he can bring Brenda into their relationship.

This brings Toby into a rage because he feels like he’s going to lose Uncle Daddy.

“There’s room for only one princess in this relationship.” – Toby

Eric and Virginia go on their date and Jenn is a big topic of conversation. Virginia notices Eric misses Jenn and ironically, Bryce and Jenn enter into the restaurant. This further frustrates Virginia.

Ann comes up with a plan.

Finally, Desna sees Ann and she goes off on her for talking to her brother way too much. Ann blames it on her pregnancy and says she wouldn’t do anything to harm her unborn baby.

Desna manages to take Ann to a safe location. While in the car, Ann and Desna argue in the car as Desna gets a text from Poly that Joe doesn’t know anything. However, Mac and Melba call, threatening to take care of her and Ann.

Meanwhile, Ken gets an idea from Toby to create a side hustle of sorts at the clinic. As this happens, Poly learns from Joe that Mac and Melba assigned him to eliminate Quiet Ann.

Bryce’s book signing goes well. However, the white guys in the book signing seemingly perceived the book to be a guide for “white power.” This angers Jenn and a brawl ensues when Jenn gets elbowed in the face accidentally by the publisher.

Desna gets Ann to a motel where they meet up with Arlene. Arlene promises to fix this, despite Ann’s reservations against it.

Ann pays the ultimate price.

Eventually, Desna gets a meeting with Dean and she apologizes to him. Dean learns Mac and Melba kidnapped her, leaving her for death and they are hunting Ann down right now.

However, Dean isn’t ready to believe her and storms out of the office.

Ken flashes his lights at his patient and gives her the drugs, telling her to advertise his new services under a new name.

The episode ends with Desna getting blindsided when Arlene gets her throat slashed by Mac and Melba’s bosses.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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