‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Scrappy is Fed up With Backlash + Sends Message to Erica Dixon

Photo Credit: Instagram

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy’s problems have been well documented.

One of the biggest sources of tension has been child support.

Scrappy doesn’t like the fact that Erica went to court to get things put in motion.

But Erica felt like it was a fair move to make. She’s been taking care of Emani for years and just wanted Scrappy to handle his fair share legally.

Regardless, Scrappy blew up about this at the reunion.

Erica has called him out for being late on child support in the past.

And when Scrappy said he now has everything documented, Erica once again said he’s behind.

Scrappy bristled and called Erica a basic baby momma.

Erica later confirmed that this didn’t sit well with Emani.

But Scrappy doesn’t regret what he said.

In fact, he feels like he’s the real victim.

And his latest posts on Instagram are meant to be a message to some, including Erica:

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