RHOP Recap: Gizelle & Robyn Make Things Worse Between Candiace & Monique

RHOP Season 4 Episode 13
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Gizelle calls up Ashley.

She says she knows she offended Ashley by some things she said the previous night. So she asks Ashley to come by and hang out with her and Robyn.

Ashley agrees to this.

Chris and Candiace look at houses.

They are ready to move out into their own place. The house must have enough space for their parents to stay over.

One of the houses they love costs $2.5 million. Chris doesn’t think this is a good pice for them. But Candiace thinks they can at least buy a house that is selling for $2 million.

She reminds him that it’s just the asking price so he doesn’t have to worry.

But Chris says he doesn’t want them to struggle to pay for a house and Candiace says they can afford this due to her businesses and trust fund.

In a green screen interview, Candiace says she doesn’t exactly know how much is in her trust. And she would have to get her mother to agree to hand over the funds.

Chris doesn’t like this and says they should find a price they can afford comfortably.

Ashley tells Gizelle and Robyn about Candiace’s text messages.

Gizelle meets Robyn and Ashley at her new home.

She shows them around. Robyn says she has to use the bathroom. The toilet ends up being too gross to use.

Gizelle says that she’s going to renovate quite a bit of the house.

They then discuss the drama with Michael.

Gizelle and Robyn tell Ashley what Katie said about Michael.

Ashley says she thinks Katie is two-faced.

They talk about Monique. And Ashley says Monique is being a true friend and even showed her text messages of Candiace poking fun at the allegations about Michael.

Gizelle says this was fake for Monique to do and she could end up doing the same thing to Ashley.

“I hear you.” – Ashley

Ashley says that Monique feels like the other women treat her harshly and don’t care about the things she goes though.

Gizelle bristles and states that she doesn’t care what Monique goes through.

Karen has a family dinner.

Her son and daughter are over.

They discuss Karen’s fragrance with Ray.

She says that the scene is actually unis*x.

Ray wants to help her with everything but Karen doesn’t want his help because she thinks he’s too bossy.

This humors Ray who says Karen won’t even let him have control of the remote control.

Michael is over Gizelle and Robyn.

Ashley and Michael have a dinner date.

They talk about trying to have a baby.

Ashley says that it’s been kind of hard to keep tracking her fertility

Both she and Michael are happy to have the accusations behind them.

Michael feels like Gizelle and Robyn haven’t been supportive.

And they should be if they are actually Ashley’s friends.

Ashley is going to find her father.

They change the topic and discuss Ashley’s father.

She’s going to go to Georgia with her mother Sheila and meet her father.

Michael doesn’t like this idea and says she should go by herself.

But Ashley doesn’t want to do this without Sheila.

Later, Ashley ends up calling her dad’s sister Sheila.

She wants to see her aunt. They haven’t seen each other in years. She explains that she also wants to see her dad and her mother has her dad’s address.

Ashley wants to go to her dad’s house but her aunt wishes her good luck. Apparently, her aunt hasn’t seen Ashely’s dad since 2011. She went by his house and he didn’t even answer the door.

Regardless, her aunt says that she will be happy to see Ashley in Atlanta soon.

Monique is now 34 weeks pregnant.

She’s exhausted and her pelvis hurts.

When she sits on her birthing ball, she acts as if her water broke.

She panics and calls her doctor because it’s way too soon.

Chris panics and calls 911.

Monique laughs and then admits she was just pulling a prank.

Chris laughs even though he’s mad she scared him so much. He tells her they need to go ahead and pack a hospital bag just in case.

Katie invited some of the girls to a gala.

Candiace and Dorothy show up together.

Gizelle and Robyn are also in attendance.

They don’t know what the gala is actually for.

Katie comes over to speak with her mother. Her mother hits it off with Dorothy.

Minutes later, Katie can’t recall what the gala is about. All she knows is her mother is friends with the executive director.

She tells everyone she forgot to invite Ashley because Ashley has a lot going on .

They then discuss Michael and Katie’s boyfriend Jacob says that Michael asked him to promise he would answer the phone if he calls.

Jacob says that he’s not sure if Michael was hitting on him, but the rest of the ladies believe he was.

Robyn says Michael has a pattern of behavior that isn’t okay.

Monique becomes the topic of conversation.

Gizelle then tells Candiace that Monique showed her text messages about Michael to Ashley.

Candiace says she feels betrayed. Gizelle and Robyn say Monique has thrown Candiace under the bus.

Gizelle says she is over Monique because Monique told Ashley that the other women don’t care about her problems. And that’s foul because they were cool in New Orleans.

“F*ck Monique.” – Gizelle

Candiace says that Monique does have a wall up. Robyn says Monique won’t allow anyone to see the real her. And Gizelle sarcastically says Monique is perfect and so is her husband.

Ashley and her mother Sheila meet her aunt.

Her aunt Sheila is with her husband Jim.

They all share hugs when they see each other.

Jim says that Ashley’s dad had a lot of demons. And he’s afraid Ashley is going to get hurt trying to see him.

But Ashley wants to move forward with this.

So they get in the car to head to his house.

They make it there and Ashley is emotional. She summons up the strength to get out of the car

The episode ends on a “To Be Continued…”

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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