‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jackie Christie Tries to Throw Hands with Feby Torres at Jennifer Williams’ Event

Photo Credit; VH1

It’s been a tough season for Jackie Christie. The “Basketball Wives” star fell out with Malaysia Pargo. Things went left for the former friends after Jackie repeated a rumor about Malaysia. They almost came to blows at Kristen Scott’s skate party.

After the confrontation with Malaysia, Jackie then tried to run up on Feby Torres. She didn’t like the things she heard Feby said about her to the others in the group. However, security kept things from getting violent between them.

Jackie decides to try to get at Feby again at Jennifer Williams’ charity event. Jennifer is hosting a “sip and shop.” The proceeds will go to a charity for cancer. She’s holding the event in honor of her mother. Things go left when Jackie gets there.

She immediately demands that Feby comes outside. As she’s yelling for Feby outside, Feby looks confused. But it’s clear Jackie isn’t over what happened between them. She says, “This is what y’all want? Bring her out here. Where the f*ck she at? Feby, I’m out here.”

You can check out the preview of the upcoming episode below.

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