‘Snowfall’ Actor Amin Joseph Says Franklin Saint is Dead?

is franklin dead on snowfall
Photo Credit: FX

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Many fans of FX’s “Snowfall” have a lot of questions after the latest episode. And they are hoping tonight’s episode will answer the biggest one. And that’s whether or not Franklin Saint was killed. He was shot by his childhood sweetheart Melody.

Melody was able to figure out that Fraklin shot and killed her father Andre. Andre was a police officer and Franklin quickly became a foe after Andre vowed to put him behind bars for selling drugs in the neighborhood. And Andre’s passion to do just that intensified after Melody became addicted to crack. After Andre made it clear that he would never back off on taking down Franklin, Franklin killed him.

So Melody took Franklin by surprise and shot him after Andre’s funeral. There has been a lot of confusion regarding Franklin’s fate. Some think he died. Others believe he will survive. However, the actor who plays his uncle on the show penned an interesting tweet after the episode aired.

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