‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya Suffers a Heartbreak + Simone & Quad Clash

Married To Medicine Season 7 Episode 2
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Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott clash.

Contessa is on her way back from Tennessee. She stops by McDonald’s and buys the kids some food. When she gets there, Scott gets annoyed. The kids just ate dinner and he wishes Contessa would have called him before getting the food. He feels like they ate enough and he questions if she thought he didn’t feed the kids. Contessa says that it just seems like Scott is overwhelmed. And the proof of that is that there are dirty clothes in the kitchen.

Scott gets irritated and says her going back to school is a “hair brain scam.” Contessa says this was rude to say. Scott storms off.

Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie discuss Dr. Simone.

The two women go out to eat. Jackie misses having Simone around but she knows that things can get messy on Twitter. She does think Heavenly shouldn’t go at Cecil on Twitter. Heavenly brings up Mariah and Jackie says she doesn’t understand why Mariah is mad. She doesn’t want to argue. But she hopes she can have all the women come together to hash things out.

Toya had a miscarriage.

She was pregnant for about six or seven weeks. Toya has a doctor’s appointment to have her check things out. Simone says it looks like the miscarriage process has ended. As Toya breaks down in tears, Simone says that a miscarriage isn’t a failure.

Quad gives Contessa and Heavenly an update.

She says that her divorce is in the mediation stage. And she’s not really interested in dating again just yet. But she knows what she wants in a man. He must have money and he must be able to please her in the bedroom. But she doesn’t want to just sleep with anyone. She believes in soul ties.

Jackie has her tea event.

As Simone and Toya are en route, Simone says that Heavenly is a lunatic. And she told her things about Cecil in private that Heavenly shouldn’t have repeated. Toya feels like things have gotten really nasty with Contessa. And Contessa always seems like she’s ready to argue.

After the ladies arrive, Jackie has Alyssa come out to be the spiritual advisor for the night. All the women are to choose a card that reveals the emotion they are feeling.

The women put it all out on the table.

Mariah says she’s disappointed about what Jackie said on the podcast. She can’t let it go until what was done is acknowledged by Jackie.

Simone brings up her issues with Heavenly and she says boundaries weren’t respected.

Heavenly speaks and butchers a scripture badly in response.

Toya says she’s disappointed and breaks down in tears. She says she feels so overwhelmed. But she doesn’t feel like everyone is an actual friend to her and it’s been a hard month for her. But she believes it will get better. Quad agrees.

Quad goes and has a lot to say. She feels like she wasn’t supported through her split from Dr. G. Since she takes a long time, the other women look a little annoyed as she talks.

But she asks Simone if they can reconnect. Simone agrees and says she doesn’t know why they aren’t as close as they used to be. After they finish, Simone and Quad agree to speak alone. And Mariah makes her feelings known to Jackie, again. Jackie hears her and says that progress takes time.

Simone and Quad clash.

The two women agree to meet at a restaurant. Quad is an hour late. When she gets there, she tells Simone she doesn’t have time for small talk because she has to work in the morning. In a green screen interview, Simone says Quad is acting like a different person than she was at Jackie’s event.

Quad demands to know why Simone treated her the way she did at Heavenly’s crab broil. Simone says that was a year ago and they discussed that already. But Quad won’t let it go and wants an answer. Simone says Quad can’t tell her what to do. Quad says Simone should be able to back up the things she says. Fed up, Simone gets up to leave. After Simone leaves, Quad says Simone ran away.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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