‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: OG Shuts Down Evelyn & Shares Text Messages from Chad After Episode

basketball wives season 8 episode 16
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Evelyn and OG remain at odds.

The episode begins with CeCe, Jackie and OG leaving round two at the Costa Rican resort and Malaysia is lost for words. Kristen is in tears because she feels CeCe is lying and she’s messing with Thomas. Now, Kristen’s done and OG’s still talking as they get to the suite. This is really irritating Shaunie and Evelyn says she was bum-rushed by OG, causing her to fall into the bushes.

However, OG’s proud she didn’t seriously hurt anyone there. CeCe says Evelyn was going to hit her with a twig and that’s why OG stepped in. So at this point, CeCe doesn’t want to talk to Kristen or anyone else except for Jackie and OG. Jackie’s trying her best to remain neutral but it’s a struggle.

To lighten the mood, Kristen’s ready for a night on the town. She gets what she wants and has a good time with Evelyn, Feby, Malaysia, and Shaunie as they go dancing. Meanwhile, CeCe, Jackie, and OG have their version of a girl’s night out at a restaurant. Jackie wants to bring everyone back together. Meanwhile, Shaunie is planning one more round with both warring factions and Shaunie wants to keep OG away. In fact, Shaunie’s questioning even having her on the show anymore.

Evelyn contacts Chad.

The next morning, OG’s still the topic of the fivesome’s conversation. Shaunie brings up OG saying Chad sliding in her DM’s and Evelyn says she has receipts that prove otherwise. She apparently hit Chad up and he says OG’s been DM’ing him since September 2013. In the screenshots she received, most of the DM’s didn’t get a response.

“Basically, you’re trying to f*** my ex-husband.” – Evelyn

This gives everyone a good laugh and Evelyn says she will post the DMs to her IG account. Feby speaks up and says this isn’t acceptable by anyone in their circle.

Shaunie’s done with OG.

Meanwhile, Jackie links up with Shaunie to hear about Shaunie’s plans. Shaunie also tells Jackie that OG’s threats are making everything hostile. Jackie disputes this and says OG never did anything physical, unlike Evelyn and Malaysia. But despite this, Shaunie feels that OG needs to be separated. On the other hand, Jackie accepts her responsibility in her back and forth with Feby.

Jackie says things won’t get physical with OG but Shaunie disagrees and tells Jackie OG isn’t invited and implies OG isn’t going be in the group anymore. Meanwhile, Thomas and Kenzie call Kristen and Thomas dish about CeCe. She tells Thomas that she is forever done with CeCe and the family can never come back together. Thomas says that apologies that need to be made but everyone needs to move forward.

OG has receipts of her own.

Later in the day, CeCe and OG take in the hot springs and Jackie joins them with the bad news. OG tells Jackie that she would’ve never stepped in if Evelyn didn’t appear to threaten OG with a bamboo stick. CeCe agrees and insults Evelyn’s looks. When Jackie tells OG about Shaunie saying OG is a liability, OG strongly disagrees. CeCe and OG agree Evelyn was the one that threatens others with weapons and is never held accountable. As they enjoy the hot springs, Feby and Kristen struggle with their fear and anxiety in an animal sanctuary. While here, Shaunie tells them about OG not being invited to their final group lunch. However, Evelyn wants to head to the hot springs to talk to OG and show the “evidence” she got from Chad.

“You’re going to wish you’d never opened a Twitter account. Tweet tweet, b****.” – Evelyn

Round three begins just as CeCe, Jackie, and OG are leaving. OG knows what’s up and Jackie doesn’t want to seem like they are running. However, CeCe’s ready to go, hopping in their ride. When the factions come together, Evelyn and OG get right to it with Evelyn pulling our printout of the DM’s Chad sent her. OG decided to grab her phone with text messages.

OG blindsides Evelyn when she says they’ve been communicating since 2011. She says she would never cheat on Kwame but Chad was interested in her romantically. Things get even more escalated when OG says Chad wants to be with a black woman. And Evelyn is not black. 

“You’re not black!” – OG

In a green screen interview, Evelyn says she identifies as an Afro-Latina. Things end with OG twerking, saying Evelyn had to pay for something that she was born with. And Evelyn is out of line to use the N-word and wear cornrows.

OG continues to stand her ground.

After this spat, Shaunie leads her side to lunch. Meanwhile, CeCe, Jackie, and OG are recapping what happened. OG was happy to let everyone know Evelyn’s ex wanted her. At lunch, Evelyn calls OG sick for even keeping those text messages. CeCe stands behind OG and says she isn’t lying. In light of everything that happened, Evelyn calls everyone at the lunch her sisters and CeCe and OG are done with everyone.

OG then surprises Jackie when she says there are even more text messages. She’s more than happy to release the evidence in due time. At Shaunie’s lunch, they all agree OG is a homewrecker. Jackie calls Shaunie to say she isn’t making the lunch in her best effort to remain neutral. Malaysia says Jackie drew a line in the sand. The episode ends with OG praying and threatening to hurt Evelyn.

“May she close her crotch and never open it to any man.” – OG

After the episode, OG decides to share the text messages on her Instagram page.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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