‘Basketball Wives’ Star Shaunie O’Neal Responds to Backlash + Says OG Has Not Been Fired

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives” is having another drama-filled season. While some fans are happy about the conflicts on the show, others feel like things have gone too far. In particular, they aren’t happy with what they feel is being done to Cece Guiterrez and OG. Viewers have expressed that they feel like both are being mistreated. And they believe Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada are the ringleaders of this.

Things have gotten so tense that some are calling for the show to be canceled. And both Evelyn and Shaunie have been accused of colorism. Shaunie responded to the accusations on social media recently.

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  1. Shawnee claims to be a boss lady, but she’s being very weak and acting like a bully at this point. She’s condoning a very strong issue that Society is trying to fight and that is BULLYING! Basically Evelyn met her match in OG! There is nothing that OG has said that Evelyn hasn’t done worse. She’s been very physical with multiple cast members on the show jumping on tables ,throwing bottles fighting always ready to fight abd being malicious. How can Shaunie even fix her mouth to say that OG is being aggressive. Hasn’t she taken a look at her BFF. As far as Kristen is concerned she always plays victim. She’s never wrong and she’s always accusing CeCe of doing things or saying things that she doesn’t say instead of taking ownership that her father-in-law does not want to deal with her because of her own actions. How can Shaunie allow Febe to constantly disrespect Jackie about her age and call her a senior citizen and think that’s funny by her and her friends when they’re laughing at Jackie. Is that right? Those were hurtful words Just like OG made some hurtful words. But somehow Febe gets a pass because she’s on the your team of bullies. Malaysia was always my girl and I thought you was a cool girl but I’m starting to see the bias side of her as well. She’s very unfair with Cece. Jackie is Jackie. I’m glad Tami stepped away from the toxic and negative environment and went on to pursue their dreams and take a more holistic approach in life. Shaunie at the core of your soul you know you’re wrong. Be the boss lady that you say that you are, take charge and make some positive changes and eliminate all that disparity in treatment, favoritism, and bias behavior that’s going on on the show. This is not a good look. You’re the Executive Producer you should remain neutral and not take sides.

  2. Girl bye verbally saying you’re gonna do something & actually doing it is both wrong. Shaun Said herself that the bottle of wine Evelyn threw almost hit her. The table Malaysia threw grazed Jennifer.
    Wine bottles & tables will break your bones and give you concussions but words will just scar your ego

  3. I totally agree with your statement. I was a fan of the show up to this point! In the past seasons we have seen the women break each other down for ratings and now its even worse…..they are showing the world that Afro Americans and Afro Latino hate each other. Very sad…..im done watching that mess! Way too educated for this degradation.

  4. Shaunie sounds silly. Now she doesnt know what a colorist is…?

    And just because your “Baby Daddy” is dark skinned…says nothing about how you feel about dark skinned women.

    She is trying to insult ppls intelligence. Or maybe she just really is dumb, herself. Cancel the show. Fire everyone Shaq. ?
    Throw the whole thing away. Its ? trash!

  5. Way too invested. You better be glad people are so you can continue to open up or start three new businesses a week. You know what a colorist is and you know you do. Please stop playing dumb you acting like Kristen now. I have no respect for you anymore. You have shown your true coloristism this season. I could care less if your show is renewed.. Renewed or not you will eventually get what’s coming to you. Oh no was that too aggressive? I forgot how delicate you and your pack of heffas are of people’s words. Maybe I should have thrown a drink or hopped on a table instead.

  6. Why is Shaq taking up for Shannir2face can’t she fight her own battle, isn’t that her words to OG about CeeCee. So everyone can take up for someone just not OG. Shannir2face is one of the worst bosses ever you are not as a boss suppose to show favortism. I say OG and CeeCee resign from your job under protest, take it to EEOC and sue Shannir2face and VH1 for decrimanation. VH1 don’t you see what your show had become a cesspool cancel it. If you don’t win you maybe would stop tone on the show for the woman who comes on. The show is a mess and really should be cancel

  7. Let me just say that I am team Jackie, Cece, TAMMY, and OG! They are the real ones! Jackie didn’t do anything wrong except not coming to Malaysia with the information about Jen gossiping about her kids. But she wanted to ask Jen about it before when approached Malaysia with it. Malaysia is going down in overboard and that beef could of been fixed. Cece should not be blamed for her husbands decision not to fool with Kristen’s backstabbing turncoat a-s. She can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do. OG calls all of them out on their fake ish talking and that’s why they don’t like her. And I would defend my friend too if someone was running up on my friend with her back to Evelyn. What y’all think Evelyn just wanted to talk ???FOH. And Shaunie allows Evelyn to act aggressive but has yet to check her for her ACTIONS whereas OG has yet to act on what she says! Evelyn is messy and pressed to call Ochocinco OG must’ve really hit a nerve! Good food or you OG!

  8. First of all lete be clear and keep it real, The only reason you married shaq was because he got money…if he didn’t have that you wouldn’t be stuntin his a-s just look at the men you dated after him…girl bye…just because you put shaq up there as some spokesperson still dont take away that you are a colorist…I dont see why everybody sees it but you.

  9. Shaunie is two faced, mean and manipulative, we all know she knew that Chad and OG talked, thats why she put her on the show, she need to reflect and wonder wht Tami left, why Jennifer left, why Jackie walked off the reunion. The new girls Kirsten and Feby bring nothing to the table. The favoritism is so annoying, if OG is not given equal opportunity and if she is fired, let the show be cancelled.

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