‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Melody Holt Denies Blaming Martell’s Cheating on Marsau & Maurice Scott

Photo Credit: OWN

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Melody Holt is having a tough season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Her marriage to Martell Holt isn’t in the best place. Martell was having an affair with another woman for about three years. And there have been plenty of rumors regarding the situation.

Melody also isn’t in the best place with the other couples on the show. On the most recent episode, she said that Martell didn’t start cheating until they started hanging out with the Scott couples. Fans of the show have been very opinionated about this. And Melody has responded to the criticism.

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  1. Girl, either put up with your husbands bullsh-t,or decide you are worth more than what his doing to you. You are not the only women in this world who’s Husband had cheated on her. He’s been messing with this other women for three years. To me that’s serious. You need make your mind up to devoice his a-s. or stay with someone who as lost all respect for you. Stop being stupid. I know u still love him, but this man has stumped all over your love.

    1. Melody is not likeable or a person I would trust or want to be friend with. That does not excuse her husband disrespecting her. Guarantee you she would be hard to live with – still no need for him to “step out”. When you get tired – LEAVE. And, I am so tired of reality shows that end up being negative. Why these “so called” professional upper middle class/wealthy African American couples (not only Love & Marriage Huntsville but all of the Bravo shows) have to go on TV airing their “dirty” laundry is beyond me. Couples have always had issues in their marriages but for additional income to reveal your personal dirt, drama, trials & tribulations has got to stop. None of you are going to end up happy. Go home and have a seat.

  2. I think it’s clear as day that Melody is over this show. Martell is responsible for his own behavior. I get that she’s upset that these people knew he had been cheating for three years (LaTisha and Marsau) but never told Melody and decided to be shady about it on the show for a storyline when their marriage isn’t perfect either. But she can’t blame anyone else but Martell for what he chose to do for three years.

  3. Peer influences and blaming aren’t the same? Either way, Martell is old enough that he shouldn’t be influenced by anyone. He’s not a child.

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