Byron Scott Updates ‘Basketball Wives’ Fan on His Relationship with Thomas Scott

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kristen Scott’s relationships with Byron Scott and Cece Gutierrez fell apart on “Basketball Wives.” The problems began after Kristen claimed that Byron doesn’t see his granddaughter enough. This angered Byron and he hasn’t wanted much to do with Kristen since. In fact, he doesn’t even want Kristen at his wedding. Although Kristen apologized at the reunion, she confirmed progress hasn’t been made in repairing the relationships. And Byron still isn’t really trying to talk to her.

But Kristen believes that Cece plays a role in this. In fact, she told VH1 that Byron changed after Cece entered his life.

On the show, it seemed as if Kristen wasn’t the only one who had issues. Thomas Scott doesn’t have the best opinions of Cece at the moment. And he didn’t like that OG was told Byron isn’t his biological father. Nor is he happy that Byron doesn’t want Kristen at the wedding.

Regardless, Byron gave a fan of the show an update about where he stands with Thomas.

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