RHOA Recap: NeNe Apologizes to Eva + Kenya Isn’t Impressed

RHOA Season 12 Episode 10
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The snake still isn’t revealed.

As Cynthia and Kenya continue to talk in front of the ladies about Kenya nearly ruining Mike’s proposal. In a green screen interview, Porsha says Kenya just likes to have moments and she doesn’t care how she gets them. Regardless, Cynthia tells Kenya that they are good. In a green screen interview, NeNe says it was weird missing out on such an important moment in Cynthia’s life.

The women then get on the bus to watch a parade. They head the hotel after to turn in so they can hang out the following day.

When they get to the hotel, Kandi, Marlo, NeNe, and Yovanna talk about the recording of Cynthia. Marlo and NeNe don’t reveal the snake and Yovanna says the person isn’t in the room.

NeNe apologizes to Eva.

Minutes later, Tanya comes in. They discuss NeNe’s letter being sent to B Scott’s site. NeNe denies sending it to the site and she believes Kenya did it because she feels like Kenya plants stories often.

The women go try on their Carnival costumes. Tanya’s friend made them. NeNe doesn’t try on one because she will be leaving in the morning to host a comedy show.

She then talks to Eva and says she’d like to move on from whatever issue that they had. Eva is still upset about the mic situation from last season. NeNe apologizes and hugs her. In a green screen interview, Eva says she’s still going to tread lightly with NeNe.

Kenya isn’t impressed.

When Kenya finds out about NeNe’s apology, she says it’s not genuine and NeNe is only apologizing because she’s on an island by herself. Yovanna tells Porsha she thinks it’s fake how Porsha made up with Eva so quickly after the horrible things Eva said. But Porsha says that she’s just going to need more time to end her feud with NeNe.

While the other women are attempting to hang on a very tall tower in Toronto, Eva and NeNe stay behind to talk. NeNe wants to make things right with Porsha but she’s upset Porsha posted her texts on social media. She doesn’t feel she fat-shamed Porsha while she was pregnant because she believes Porsha was fat before she got pregnant. NeNe also wants to make things right with Cynthia. She doesn’t care about being in a better place with Kenya.

Dennis has a plan.

Although Porsha is in Toronto, Dennis still finds a way to send flowers to her hotel room to apologize for cheating on her.

Paul shows up at Tanya’s hotel room with Dennis. He plans to surprise. Dennis wants to propose to her again.

The women attend Tanya’s party and Kenya, Porsha, and Kandi go off to the side to talk about who the snake may be. They are thinking it could be Yovanna so they decide to ask her about the recording.

Meanwhile, Cynthia thanks NeNe for her thoughtful letter and shows NeNe her engagement ring.

Dennis pops up.

Yovanna tells Kandi, Kenya, and Porsha she’s not the snake. But the person is in their circle.

While Tanya is making her speech, she has Dennis walk out to surprise Porsha. He gets on one knee to propose again and the episode ends before Porsha can say anything.

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