LHHATL Recap: Karlie Redd Confirms Marriage to Arkansas Mo + Clashes With Sierra

LHHATL Season 9 Episode 2
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Karlie is married.

Karlie has Spice, Rasheeda, Erica Dixon, Mimi, and Ty meet her at a funeral home. She tells them it’s her one year wedding anniversary. She’s decided to bury her marriage to Arkansas Mo.

This confuses the women and it’s shocking for them to even learn she is married.

Karlie is ready to get a divorce. She shows them a photo of what she says is Mo in the bed with a pr*stitute. But Karlie says it’s more that happened than cheating.

The anger management class Mo took did not help anything. And life has been rough for her.

LightSkinKeisha has an issue with Scrappy.

LightSkinKeisha performs at TI’s Trap Music Museum. Joc is cool with her boyfriend Coca. The couple catches up with Joc and Shekinah. Keisha says she recorded a song with Scrappy but the track never came out. And he posted the song on Instagram and deleted it quickly.

They don’t understand what Scrappy’s issue is. But Keisha thinks Scrappy only acts weird when Bambi is around.

Sierra goes off on Shooter.

It’s the day of Sierra’s court date. She’s very nervous because she doesn’t know what to expect. When she calls Karlie, Karlie says she’s getting dressed so she can make it to court to testify on Sierra’s behalf. Sierra is thankful because Karlie is the only one who can help her since Shooter is refusing to get involved.

BK rides with Sierra to the courthouse.

Karlie is on the way but gets stuck in traffic.

Before Sierra can walk inside the courthouse, Shooter shows up. He says he just wanted to show her some support before she goes inside. But he’s not testifying. This angers Sierra and she calls him out. But BK says he understands how Shooter feels. And this annoys Sierra.

Sierra is disappointed by Karlie.

Karlie doesn’t make it to court before Sierra gets inside. When Karlie arrives, she’s confused about where to go and can’t get in touch with Sierra.

Inside the courthouse, the judge agrees to schedule another court date for Sierra’s case. But Sierra’s lawyer tells her not to worry because there’s video footage that proves Sierra’s innocence. While Sierra is happy to hear this, she’s still upset Karlie didn’t show up.

Alexis is open to talking to Karlie.

Akbar V and Alexis have a playdate. In a green screen interview, Akbar says that she has custody of all of her kids. But her relatives have been helping her raise them.

Alexis understands since her daughter is a special needs child.

They discuss Rasheeda’s engagement party. Akbar tells Alexis that she was messy to run up on Karlie. But Alexis says that Mo tried to get with her while she was pregnant and he ended up stealing money from her family. And Karlie told her she would spit on Alexis’ mom when she sees her. Regardless, she’s not opposed to having a mature conversation with Karlie.

Karlie sees a divorce attorney.

Rasheeda goes with Karlie to see a divorce attorney. They discuss Alexis and Karlie says that Mo told her that he just messed around with Alexis in the past and now she’s trying to sue him.

When they talk to the divorce attorney, Karlie says she’s been in a dark place with Mo. And he wasn’t faithful. So she’s ready to move on with her life.

Scrappy explains his relationship with Keisha and Coca.

Momma Dee’s surgery was a success. She’s back at home getting rest but Ernest has been getting on her nerves while he’s been trying to take care of her.

Scrappy is on the way to see her and Joc drives him there during his ride-share gig. He tells Joc that Coca was dating Bambi’s friend Amy when he started messing around with Keisha. So Scrappy is supporting Bambi and staying away. And this is why he posted the track he made with Keisha on Instagram and deleted it quickly.

When Joc and Scrappy get to Momma Dee’s place, Momma Dee pulls Joc to the side and says she’s planning a surprise birthday party for Scrappy.

Sierra wants nothing to do with Karlie.

When Sierra invites Bambi to her party, Bambi tells Sierra about her beef with Keisha. And Sierra vents about her issues with Karlie. Apparently, a mutual friend told her that Karlie said she’s not worried about not showing up to court for Sierra because she has her own problems to worry about. So Sierra doesn’t want Karlie at her party.

Karlie and Alexis hash things out.

Alexis and Karlie meet up at Karlie’s boxing gym. They talk about their issues with each other and Alexis explains her only problem was Karlie said she would spit on Alexis’ mom. But Karlie says she only said this because Alexis’ male family members robbed her and Mo after they went shopping.

In a green screen interview, Alexis says she didn’t know anything about this. And she would never cosign something like this happening. So she apologizes to Karlie.

Alexis also says that she never slept with Mo even though Karlie doesn’t believe this. In a green screen interview, Karlie says she has receipts that show Alexis and Mo messed around. But she can still be cordial to Alexis.

Sierra and Karlie come to blows.

It’s the night of Sierra’s party. When Karlie shows up, Sierra makes her disappointment known. But Karlie tells her she made it to the courthouse, but Sierra gave her the wrong courtroom number. And by the time she found out the right one, Sierra was gone.

Sierra walks away but sees Karlie explaining herself to Rasheeda. After Karlie tells Rasheeda that Sierra isn’t a true friend to her and missed her event to hang out with Stevie J, Sierra walks back over to confront Karlie. Sierra tells Karlie this wasn’t the case and she was actually meeting her attorney that day, but Karlie doesn’t believe her. So Sierra gets mad and mushes Karlie. And the two women come to blows.

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