LHHATL Recap: Momma Dee Goes Too Far + LightSkinKeisha Goes Off on Yung Joc

LHHATL Season 9 Episode 4
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Kiyomi opens up about Bow Wow.

Mimi has been taking self-defense classes since someone attempted to steal her car while she was at home. So she invites some of the girls to come out. Karlie brings Kiyomi, Bow Wow’s ex, with her since she’s not on good terms with Sierra. She introduces Kiyomi to Spice and Shekinah. Kiyomi brings up the elevator situation with Bow. She doesn’t talk to him anymore and she says that she lost a baby as well due to the stress. So she just wants to move on with her life and restraining orders are keeping them from contacting each other anyway.

As far as her love life, she says that she’s dating someone. But she wants to keep their identity under wraps for now.

Shooter has a secret boo.

Back at a barbershop, Scrapp and Shooter talk. Scrapp says his restaurant is doing well and now he wants to open up his own barbershop. Although Scrapp had what he says was a fling with Sierra, he’s still been able to form a friendship with Shooter.

Scrapp’s sister Cheyenne walks into the barber shop. They have gotten close since meeting each other a year ago. She greets both men. Cheyenne tells Scrapp that a barbershop spot could cost around $5000 a month. Scrapp doesn’t want to pay that much so Cheyenne tells him she’ll keep looking.

Cheyenne and Shooter walk outside of the shop to talk. They have been dating on the low and Cheyenne wants this to change. But Shooter isn’t ready to go public. And he says he has his reasons why in a green screen interview. He tells Cheyenne that he’s never going to get back together with Sierra and they have moved on with their lives.

Akbar has a new foe.

Akbar V has been focused on her rap career. And she still believes she’s the Queen of Atlanta. She wants to get her money right before she has all of her kids move in with her. So her listening party is important. Bambi, Alexis, Tokyo, and Spice show up to the event. Tokyo asks Akbar why she’s beefing with LightSkinKeisha.

Apparently, she doesn’t like that LightSKinKeisha is trying to take her spot as the Queen of Atlanta. Bambi also puts her issues with Keisha on the table.

Joc walks up and hears that Akbar doesn’t like Keisha either. So he invites Akbar to the radio to hash things out with Keisha.

Keisha finds out about Akbar’s comments.

Tokyo, Coca Vango, and Keisha attend a spin class. Keisha has agreed to meet Joc at the radio station and do an interview.

Keisha tells Tokyo about her blowup with Bambi. She understands Bambi wants to be loyal to her friend, but she was never friends with Bambi’s friend.

Tokyo then tells Keisha and Coca what Akbar had to say about Keisha. Keisha thinks Akbar likes to hate on women who are more successful than her.

KK finds out about Shooter and Cheyenne.

Scrapp celebrates his one year anniversary as a free man with a party. He invites all his friends and loved ones out. Kirk brings his brother and his brother tells Scrapp he was behind bars for 23 years.

When KK sees Momma Dee, Momma Dee tells her that she still doesn’t like Bambi’s mom Cece and she’s jealous of her.

Joc greets Karlie and she’s not enthusiastic. She still believes he wants her. Karlie tells him she’s in the middle of divorcing Arkansas Mo. Karlie calls him out when he looks at other women. He doesn’t see the issue as long as he’s still faithful to Kendra.

KK notices Cheyenne and Shooter flirting and says Scrapp won’t be happy if he finds out they have something going on.

Kiyomi has a thing with Shooter.

Shooter and Kiyomi shoot a steamy session in the shower for her music video. When Kiyomi asks if Sierra knows about them, he says no. In a green screen interview, Shooter says he has an open relationship with Kiyomi and Cheyenne. And Kiyomi is his favorite.

Since the photos from the video will go viral, Kiyomi has Shooter assure her that what they have is serious.

Momma Dee clashes with Cece.

Scrappy and Bambi have the family go out to dinner. They are hoping Cece and Momma Dee will be able to move past their issues. When Momma Dee and Ernest arrive, Momma Dee is wearing all black like she’s been to a funeral. Cece is happy to be cancer-free. Even though the vibes start off somewhat positive, Cece and Momma Dee start arguing.

Momma Dee says Cece is dead to her.

So she hands Cece an obituary for Cece. This upsets Bambi and Scrappy since Cece just battled cancer. Scrappy gets fed up and abruptly ends the dinner.

KK confronts Cheyenne.

Scrapp has a community give back at his restaurant where they give out free food.

KK tells Cheyenne that she saw her with Shooter. So Cheyenne tells KK that she doesn’t want Scrapp to know about the relationship for now. Cheyenne says they have been talking for two years and she likes Shooter a lot.

Keisha clashes with Akbar and Joc.

Keisha shows up to the radio station to interview with Joc. When it is brought up that Akbar says she is the Queen of Atlanta, Keisha disagrees.

Joc has Akbar FaceTime the station, and Akbar goes off and calls Keisha scared as she walks out. Akbar also accuses Kiesha of using a ghostwriter.

Keisha feels she’s above fighting with Akbar, so she refuses to come back and talk. She’s furious with Joc and his cohost Jazzy. She came to promote her music and they aren’t respecting her brand. She calls them out. And says she’s done with the show.

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