LHHATL Star Tokyo Vanity Sends Warning to Shooter’s Women + Kiyomi & Cheyenne Respond

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Sierra Gates has no desire to get back together with her ex Shooter. Both have moved on to other relationships as they peacefully co-parent. However, this hasn’t stopped the new women in Shooter’s life from asking about Sierra.

On the latest episode, Shooter revealed that he’s in two open relationships. He’s dating Bow Wow’s ex Kiyomi Leslie. And he’s also been seeing Scrapp’s sister Cheyenne.

And both women asked Shooter if he’s sure that he won’t ever reconcile with Sierra. They needed to know this so they could be sure that things were getting serious in their relationships with Shooter.

Apparently, Tokyo Vanity felt some type of way about this. So she hopped on social media to send both women a warning. And both women responded, too.

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    1. Kiyomi and Cheyenne did nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that someone is really done with an ex before getting serious with that person. That’s literally all they did. They never came for Sierra. And they aren’t worried about her either. Mature women get answers before they get too deep in relationships. Tokyo needs to stop being so immature and starting stuff with people because she doesn’t have any other purpose on the show. She hasn’t had a storyline since her first season. I don’t understand why she’s still on the show.

      1. I never said they did all I said was they need worry about each other. He’s in a OPEN RELATIONSHIP with two women if they no about each other then neither could possibly have anything serious going on with him and Sierra is definitely not worried about him.

  1. So they can’t make sure this man is done with his ex before they go any further with him? How is asking a question disrespectful to Sierra? Sit the f-ck down Tokyo. You ain’t had sh-t to do on the show for years and it shows.

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