LHHATL Star Momma Dee Says the Obituary is Being Taken out of Context

Photo Credit: VH1

Momma Dee feels like people are misconstruing her actions when it comes to her ongoing feud with Cece. In particular, she told her Instagram followers that the obituary she made for Cece doesn’t mean what people think it does.

During an Instagram Live session, Dee said, “So when I said death to her, I mean again, if I can get rid of that spirit of alcohol, thank you, Jesus, Cece can you get rid of that spirit of trying to physically destroy me?”

She added, “So I kept quiet you guys up until what you saw last week. Yeah, I drew up a fake eulogy, and you know, I was being funny about it. But I never meant death to her body. I meant death to that spirit she has in her because it’s filthy and it stinks and it’s harmful to anyone that comes around her.”

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