‘Married to Medicine’ Stars Dr. Simone & Toya Bush-Harris Throw a Lot of Shade on Instagram

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Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore recently went on Instagram Live to talk to “Married to Medicine LA” couple Shanique Drummond and Dr. Robert Drummond. The couple chatted to promote the upcoming season of the LA show. However, one of the viewers asked Simone about where she currently stands with Dr. Jackie Walters.

And Simone said, “Our friendship is definitely different. I will always love Jackie. Will love her until the end of time. But we are not as close as we used to be. And life changes things, not just reality TV, life changes things and changes friendships. And unfortunately, ‘Married to Medicine’ changed our friendship.”

She added, “It’s just one of those things where, again, we have a bond that will never be broken. But the way our friendship was it’s just not like that anymore. Can’t promise it will ever return to that. But it is what it is. In life, things are changing always. And sometimes things change for so many different reasons. Not just one reason, they change in total.”

Eventually, Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris joined the live. Toya made it clear that she’d been drinking. She said that she really likes Dr. Kendra Segura from the LA show because she dragged Dr. Heavenly Kimes on the upcoming season.

Then things went left after Simone asked Toya who’s the least favorite on the Atlanta show. Toya said, “The people that got fired.”

At this point, Simone dismissed herself from the conversation, and Eugene put Toya on a time-out. When Toya came back, she had more to say.

When Cecil asked her who was fired, Toya said, “Cecil, the bottom line is this. If people really wanted to know the truth, they would ask the right questions. They wouldn’t let people bullsh*t them on their Instagram. They would go to those people and they wouldn’t allow those people to be on their IG talking willy nilly giving a bunch of motherf*cking words instead of answering the f*cking question. The question is the truth, ‘Hey, did you get a contract?’”

She added, “One of the wives decided to go to the mailbox and said she didn’t get her contract. Stop with the justice for Mariah. Let’s be clear, she took that upon herself to say she didn’t get her contract. I don’t respect the fact that she put it out there.”

After Cecil asked Toya if she didn’t respect Mariah putting her dismissal out there, Toya said, “I do. I said I do because I’m all about that true tea because if someone asks me, I’ma tell you that true tea because it ain’t that deep. Cause I ain’t got to lie. I ain’t gone use a whole lot of words or make it a word circle because it is what it is. If I’m a friend to ‘Married to Medicine,’ I’m a friend to ‘Married to Medicine.’ If I’m not a main character on the show, I’m not a main character of the show.”

Toya added, “So to me, a main character on Married to Medicine should be somebody who is giving their heart and their all to ‘Married to Medicine’ and giving the people some good a*s story. And giving every season, no complaints, no bullsh*t, they’re interacting with all of the characters. Friends of the show is somebody who shows up talking bout, ‘I don’t want to talk about my life. They not really my friends.’ And don’t want to talk about they sh*t. And that’s just me.”

When Cecil asked Toya if she’s suggesting someone has been made a friend to the show, Toya said, “I’m just saying, I think there should be. I think there should be. I pray that there are.”

While reminiscing on the first season, she also said, “We were ourselves, we were great. But when b*tches start being somebody else as Mariah said when they morph into motherf*ckers that they not…that’s all I’m saying. And karma’s a b*tch. So the reality is this, so somebody else wants your job. Hey, I know a lot of doctors’ wives. I bring them on all the time. I got a ton of friends of the show. A ton of friends. A ton. So all I’m saying is work for your sh*t or get the f*ck on.”

Toya also said she would love to have Dr. G back on the show.

When Cecil said he feels Quad Webb should remain on the show, Toya said, “She shouldn’t be pulled off the show but she can always be a friend forever.”

Toya also said that she spoke to Quad earlier that day. When Cecil still pushed for Quad’s place on the show, Toya then said, “Quad films with Heavenly only and they only in that bullsh*t apartment talking bullsh*t…we’ve been giving her two years. Stop it.”

Buffie was discussed. Toya said she likes Buffie but she cried too much. And Toya thinks she should have snapped on people more. Simone said Buffie should have cursed out Heavenly. Then Simone said Buffie no longer answers her text messages.

When Simone reads Toya a question from a fan who asked if Quad would give “Married to Medicine” her all now that “Sister Circle” was canceled, Toya said, “I think that it should have never mattered. I think that when you are committed to something, you should give 100 no matter what and I think that if it takes for you to lose something to come back to something else that was your original, shame on you.”

Simone seemingly threw some shade at Heavenly who has been going live on YouTube during the quarantine time. She said, “The problem is I think a lot of us have a lot of pent up frustration. Some people are on every day or every other day talking sh*t. So I can’t wait to see the people in person. Cause you can talk sh*t behind my back all day.”

Toya brought up the fact that Jackie’s home renovations are finished. In response, Simone said, “We’re probably not going to get invited over. Her and Heavenly are much closer than she and I, so I won’t get invited. I’ll be invited when Bravo cameras are there, sure.”

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