‘Insecure’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Molly Fails to Come Through for Issa in the Clutch

Insecure Season 4 Episode 4
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Issa’s tenants are mad the water’s shut off.

Issa’s setting up her block party Facebook page when tenants are banging on her door. The water’s cut off and Issa forgot to give her residents adequate notice and they are grilling her about it. Issa promises them that she’ll handle it.

Later that night, Andrew stops by Molly’s apartment and they jump right into the lovemaking. But Molly can’t focus on that because of work. When she finally finishes, it’s almost 2 am and Andrew’s knocked out in bed. So Molly wakes him up so they can finish where they left off.

Issa can’t get in touch with Condola.

The next morning, Issa’s printer calls needing notes on her flyer. She calls Condola about this as she sent her the proofs for the flyer but hasn’t heard back. Issa was only able to get Condola’s voicemail. Meanwhile, Molly’s in the office pulling a late night with her co-workers when their intern walks in. When he leaves, they think he has the hots for Molly but Molly thinks he’s too young.

The next day, Issa and Molly have an awkward run-in with a parking spot. Nathan also leaves a voicemail on Issa’s phone. He tells Issa he’s proud that she’s moving forward with the block party. When Issa and Molly link up, they agree that self-care Sundays aren’t working for them anymore and they agree on another day.

Tiffany gave birth and she and Derek are stressed.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is with Derek and his newborn, and Derek’s stressed. He’s stressing because he did mess up stuff with his exes and he’s fearful his daughter will deal with the same thing. Derek’s also frustrated that the plans he and Tiffany made were dashed when she got pregnant. They were supposed to travel and buy a house before they had their first child.

On the other hand, Tiffany is also stressed. She’s pumping breastmilk while with Issa, Kelly, and Molly. Tiffany revealed she had a blood clot while giving birth and her doctors didn’t listen to her at first. Meanwhile, Issa finally gets an updated flyer from Condola.

Derek was there for Tiffany and Molly says Andrew always has her back as well. Issa cracks a joke about Molly having a “Red Table Talk” moment. This irritates Molly. When Molly leaves to help Tiffany, Issa vents to Kelli about her strained relationship with Molly. When Lawrence walks in, he pulls Issa over to talk, which Molly notices. She also gets a text from Andrew asking for a date night.

She then vents to Tiffany about Issa. Tiffany thinks there’s a communication break down between them and Issa might feel the same way.

Schoolboy Q backs out of the performance.

Downstairs, Issa tells Lawrence that she hasn’t spoken to Condola in a while. When Lawrence tells her it’s something he’s been needing to tell her, Issa gets a phone call she has to take. Things get frustrating for Issa when she learns Schoolboy Q canceled his performance. When Issa gets home, she stresses out in the mirror. She then gets on Instagram DM’ing artists and calling old contacts. This doesn’t go well.

Andrew and Molly are out on a date and Molly wants Andrew to come over after their date. But Andrew declines as he made plans with his friends afterward, and tells Molly he doesn’t know where he fits into her life. This disappoints and frustrates Molly.

Molly fails to come through for Issa, further straining their relationship.

The next day, Issa’s still desperately looking for a plan B for her block party when she calls Molly. Molly wants to vent about her relationship with Andrew. But, Issa wants Molly to ask Andrew for help. Since Andrew works for Live Nation, Issa is hoping Molly can ask him to get one of the artists to perform at the block party. This frustrates Molly but she agrees. Molly then shows up to Andrew’s later that night with a bottle of wine and cheese. She apologizes to Andrew for making him feel like an afterthought.

She tells Andrew she never dated someone for an extended period of time. So she has to learn how to balance work and her love life. He accepts the apology by kissing her. Molly calls Issa later on and tells her she’s not going to ask Andrew to help Issa. She wants to protect her relationship with Andrew by keeping things separate. This frustrates Issa who promptly ends the phone call. She then tries to take a shower but the water coming out of the showerhead is brown.

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