‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Melody Holt Defends Still Sleeping with Martell without Protection

Melody Holt Love and Marriage Huntsville
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A LAMH fan questions Melody Holt.

As Melody was live-tweeting during last week’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” preview, which highlighted Martell and Melody’s relationship, a fan had an interesting question. Apparently they openly wondered why Melody would continue being intimate with Martell in light of potential risks of contracting an STD. They also felt that if she knew Martell was unfaithful, Melody should have used protection when she slept with him. But this didn’t happen and Melody became pregnant with baby number four.

So she’s been getting a lot of criticism.

Melody defends her actions.

As the episode progressed, Melody saw the comment and was compelled to respond. Melody said she kept sleeping with Martell because she believed he was being faithful. However, according to Melody, this was not the case. She also asked the fan if they forced their significant other to get tested before getting intimate with them.

In response to the fan, Melody said, “Not if I thought my husband was being faithful. With all the stds and stuff, did you make everyone you’ve ever slept with get tested and bring you the results before going “there” with them? Or were they “virgins?”

Interestingly enough, Martell recently caused speculation that he wasn’t the only one to step outside his marriage and cheat. In fact, some believed he was talking about Melody. And while Melody hasn’t spoken on this as of yet, it’s clear that the new season will be explosive and it will give more details about what led to things getting much worse between the Holts.

Either way, as the season premiere inches closer, Melody has been recently photographed out in public without her wedding ring. Melody said she would explain everything when the current season premieres this July 11th on OWN TV.

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