Scrappy Denies Being a Deadbeat Father Amid Unpaid Child Support Claims by Erica Dixon

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“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy has had plenty of ups and downs while co-parenting with Erica Dixon. At one point in time, things were really good between them. They even got back together and got engaged. However, the engagement didn’t work out. And Erica accused Scrappy of not being faithful. She also called Scrappy out for not paying child support.

Eventually, Scrappy would move on to Bambi. Even though they also had some struggles in their romance, Scrappy was able to make things right. He then married Bambi. And his co-parenting relationship with Erica is strained, again.

In fact, Erica stated that she feels like Bambi is making it hard for her and Scrappy to peacefully co-parent. As of now, they only communicate via text messages. On the show, Erica said that Bambi interjects herself into her conversations with Scrappy. And Bambi responded that when Erica texts Scrappy, Erica is also texting Bambi. In Bambi’s opinion, Erica is just mad that Scrappy married her.

But Erica has denied this. And their issues with child support continue to come up. At last season’s reunion, they got into a heated argument over child support payments. Scrappy said he only missed one month in 2019. When Erica said Scrappy owes unpaid child support that goes back years, Scrappy called Erica a “basic baby momma.”

And it’s possible he’s still feeling some type of way about what was said. Recently, he had some things to say about people calling him a deadbeat father.

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  1. Erica is a basic baby mama, and he is a basic deadbeat dad. Bambi must feel REAL stupid now, you had so much to say about Erica when she was only trying to get what was owed. The man making money and can not pay his bills, like the rent on the house that you just lost. ERICA is mad? I don’t think so !

  2. Erica should mind her business she’s noisy and has a big mouth-Erica now you are acting like you are some type of relationship guru Hello you ruin your relationships several of them Mind your business-Bambi you need to get your life in order you a scrappy have no real romance at least we haven’t seen it and if he doesn’t pay stop crying and take care of you’re own kids just move on I’m so tired of you beautiful black worm begging these men to be fathers and you on television acting like you are desperate Stop 🛑 it and move on.
    Scrappy grow up aren’t you like 5O stop lying and step up and do the right thing

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