‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Rasheeda Stands by Criticism of Jasmine Washington’s Parenting

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Jasmine had tension with Kirk and Rasheeda.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost went through a lot on the show. Their marriage has been tested many times. But Rasheeda almost pulled the plug on the marriage after Kirk had a child with another woman. To no surprise, it was a very emotional time for the couple. And Rasheeda was very hurt that Kirk would do this. However, they were able to save their marriage. They are in a much better place these days. Rasheeda has even claimed that the child, Kannon, is around them all the time now.

Jasmine Washington, the child’s mother, didn’t have the easiest time co-parenting. In fact, she clashed with Kirk quite a bit. And he was critical of her parenting. In fact, Kirk said that he believed Kannon was mainly raised by Jasmine’s grandmother.

Rasheeda had her own complaints. She didn’t like that Kanon was still wearing pull-ups at two years old. So she was critical about this on the show.

After the episode aired, Jasmine clapped back on social media. And she said that Kirk and Rasheeda can’t criticize her about anything because they only see Kannon when it’s time to film the show. So if they take issue with her parenting, they should help her and not criticize her.

Rasheeda got irritated by this and told Kirk they can’t peacefully co-parent if Jasmine is going to go off on social media when there’s an issue.

Rasheeda stands by her comments.

Interestingly enough, Rasheeda has no regrets. While she and Kirk were giving commentary on the scene recently, Rasheeda said, “I still stand by my d*mn potty training situation…What I believe in.”

Despite a really hard time in their marriage, Rasheeda believes saving their marriage was the right thing for them. She said, “It was a difficult time and difficult situation for me. But you know, if you’re gonna move past everything then you have to just do that.”

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