‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Moms Ms. Wanda & Ms. Vanessa Feud After Latest Episode

Vanessa and Wanda LAMH
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LaTisha gets kicked out of Melody’s MBrace Beauty Event.

It seems the beef between “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” couples the Holts and the Scotts is escalating to the point where moms are now involved. Despite seemingly making up during last season’s reunion, LaTisha and Melody fell out again. And Marsau and Martell’s friendship is over as well. While in between filming, Marsau and Melody even engaged in a war of words on Twitter and Melody is holding on to all the grudges.

On the latest episode, Melody followed through on kicking LaTisha out of her MBrace Beauty event. She had security escort LaTisha out of the building.

Despite Kimmi doing her best to have Melody and LaTisha work things out, Melody and Martell only argued with LaTisha.

Although Marsau is over it and wants to be done with the Holts, LaTisha’s mom isn’t ready to let things go.

Wanda comes for Melody.

After the MBrace Beauty event, LaTisha met up with her mom Wanda before taping an episode for her podcast. When LaTisha told her about what happened at the event, she went off.

Wanda told LaTisha that she should’ve slapped Melody for embarrassing her at the event. When LaTisha said that’s not her style, Wanda made it clear she’d do it for LaTisha. Wanda also feels Kimmi doesn’t have LaTisha’s back with Melody.

Melody’s mom Vanessa defends Melody.

Melody’s mom Vanessa saw the episode and the clip of Wanda telling LaTisha she should’ve hit Melody. Vanessa did not like that one bit and felt it was crossing the line. As a result, Vanessa expressed her displeasure for Wanda’s actions on social media.On Instagram, she wrote:

“SMH-So wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Can’t blame this ne on being high and not knowing you were being recorded. The foolery runs deep. To be clear, I gave birth to @melodysholt. Not accept to suggest to someone that should have or to proudly say that you would have put your hands on my child is crossing the line. You might have handled yours like that but I do not subscribe to the foolery over [here]. Do not let my professionalism and silence fool you. This #mamabear is ALIVE and well. Stop poking the beat! #complete #foolery #stayinyourlane #dobetter #grandma #lamh.”



Wanda claps back.

Not long after Vanessa posted her reaction to Instagram, Wanda caught wind of it. Wanda did not like any of what Vanessa said and she hopped into Vanessa’s comments. She defended her daughter as well, telling Vanessa it’s Melody who’s coming for LaTisha. She also didn’t appreciate Vanessa coming for her and she’s ready to sling mud right back.

“Look out now… When some one [claps] at my daughter, I teach her how to clap back. I’m all for y’all want to be educated professional intelligent peoples. You are driving in my lane now. Let me put yo back in your lane. If you want to come for me, come direct! No bear scare me. You throw dirt on my daughter so we slinging mud. So let’s keep it rolling, just like that. I’m down for whatever ? I’m ready! Yep, I said it.”


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Not long after posting, Wanda deleted it. However, the LAMH fan page Straightnochaserig captured the comments. But despite deleting the comments, Wanda declared victory in her IG story.

“Look out now… Melody mother tryed to check me. I cashed her out real quick! And without a cash app Lol don’t come for me or my daughter.”

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