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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Tahiry & Vado’s Issues Turn Violent

Marriage Boot Camp Season 17 Episdoe 5 Recap

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Everyone’s locked in their rooms.

As everyone is in their rooms, Dr. Ish had them locked in. Overnight, De’Von and Hazel-E continued their argument. Things turned when Hazel-E had a positive pregnancy test. Dr. Ish learns of this and sends Hazel to the hospital to get checked out since she revealed she’s been bleeding.

Meanwhile, the other couples had to go through an escape room exercise to get out of their rooms. This exercise is going to address their communication issues. There are clues all throughout their rooms and they have to work together to figure out the clues and puzzle pieces. They’re putting together a puzzle in order to get out of the room. Kurupt and Toni argue but work together well. Phaedra’s not participating while Medina gets frustrated looking for the clues. And Shanda is furious when Willie reveals to Shanda the number of people he cheated with. The number is 12. Meanwhile, Tahiry and Vado participate but are having trouble finding their clues.

Despite their tension, Shanda and Willie were the first ones to get out. Tahiry and Vado got out next and see Shanda angry with Willie over his answers. When Shanda tells Tahiry that Willie gave her “dumba** answers,” Willie walks off. He’s tired of Shanda blaming him for everything. Tahiry’s shocked to hear what Willie told Shanda.

Shanda and Willie have a breakthrough.

The last two couples managed to get out and Dr. Ish noticed the tension between Shanda and Willie. So he approaches Willie to talk about it. Kurupt, on the other hand, inspires Shanda to talk to Willie and work things out. She heads back to their room where Dr. Ish is talking to Willie. He then counsels them both. They shed tears and have a breakthrough as a result.

Eventually, Hazel-E and Da’Von return from the hospital. She is pregnant and things could be high-risk for her. While she’s ready to be a mom, Dr. Ish tells De’Von he needs to manage his anger. Luckily, she’s been medically cleared to participate in the next activity.

For their next challenge, they’re given electric shock bracelets. They also receive remotes to shock their partners and a card with their partner’s triggers. They will shock their partner when they exhibit the behaviors on the card. Hazel doesn’t have a bracelet. Instead, De’Von is given a water gun to use on her. Shanda was quick to shock Willie and De’Von is shocked by Hazel.

Tahiry and Vado Clash.

Later, Tahiry and Vado end up arguing as Vado shocks her. Apparently, Vado’s triggers from Tahiry include eye-rolling and yelling. Tahiry feels like he’s torturing her as he’s shocking her from across the room. Meanwhile, Medina felt Phaedra was on her best behavior so he didn’t shock her. Things get tense when Vado keeps shocking Tahiry and angering her. She takes off the bracelet eventually and walks off mad. This has Vado getting angry himself. De’Von and Toni try to clam Vado down. But things escalate once again when Vado and Tahiry argue again in front of everyone and Tahiry throws apples at Vado’s face.

Vado feels disrespected and Tahiry yells that Vado “poked the bear.”

In his confessional, Vado said someone was going to get hurt.

Next, Dr. Ish brings everyone together to go over what they were supposed to learn during their exercises. Dr. Ish explained to them that he gave their partners a list of bad behaviors he witnessed during the first exercise. He even confronts Phaedra for her lack of participation and relates it to giving up in her previous marriage.

When he gets to Tahiry and Vado, Vado jumps up and snatches up Tahiry. Dr. Ish pulls Vado off of Tahiry and escorts him away.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    July 31, 2020 at 9:12 am

    It’s sick that Tahiry was making it seem like she was a victim when she threw two apples in the man’s face. They were both wrong and violent that night.

    • Nunya

      August 1, 2020 at 12:17 pm

      🙄declaires VOID into all that.
      Besides no1 wants to see violence because it’s not very nice. The People just only want some honesnty in a marriage (🤷seriously is that to much askin for with a “honest relationship in marriage” these days, idk wtf is wrong with that😔)

  2. Lydia

    August 1, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    Shes not going to leave him. They probably act worse around each other behind closed doors. Shes a 41 yr old woman and if she hasnt set better standards by now from men mistreating her, then this will sadly be how all her relationships continue to play out

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