Gangsta Boo Slams Dr. Ish Major After ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Revelation

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The drama continues on “Marriage Boot Camp.”

The current season of “Marriage Boot Camp” has been a controversial one. “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson joined the cast to address their longtime issues. Three 6 Mafia rapper Gangsta Boo signed up for the show to get to a better place with her man Emmet. “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum K. Michelle wanted to tackle the obstacles in her romance with Kastan Sims. Plus, “Love And Hip Hop New York” stars Mariahlynn and Rich Dollaz have been clashing since Mariahlynn outed their romance at the reunion years ago. At the time, fans had no idea they had anything going on. And it seemed as if Rich wanted to keep it that way.

While the couples were in the boot camp house to work on things, sometimes drama went down that had nothing to do with their relationships.

On the recent episode, the cast was preparing to take lie detector tests. However, Gangsta Boo and Emmet weren’t able to get that far. Ahead of the tests, Dr. Ish Major said that a baggy of contraband had been discovered in the couple’s room. It was suspected that the baggy belonged to Gangsta Boo since it was found next to her jewelry box.

Well, the discovery led to Emmet and Gangsta Boo being kicked out of the house. Interestingly enough, Gangsta Boo had a lot to say about the situation.

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  1. Gangsta Boo, gurl please. ???? Your behavior told us you was snorting Coke. You were acting so erratic and like a plum fool on that show. And baby girl, your man already told on you. ????????‍♀️???? So you gonna eat them words on social media.???? I smell a public apology coming real soon. ???? Seek help. You reacted just like a person does when they’ve been caught and couldn’t get to their stash. Yes, it’s an embarrassing moment, but this was your moment to come clean and get clean for you, first and foremost and then maybe you can be the best version of yourself in your relationship. Cuz you talk to that man ALL kinds of crazy. Prayers for Emmit cuz you’re a handful. We are all going thru something but it’s better ways to deal with it.

  2. This honestly should not have been shown on the show because the majority of viewership is made of black people and as a community, we’re not empathetic towards substance abuse. Most of us are honestly really ignorant about it. So instead of people having compassion for this black woman, they are bashing her all over the internet. That’s not helpful when you are dealing with addiction. This was handled poorly.

  3. Dr. Ish doesn’t always handle things right. I remember when the Tahiry and Vado situation happened. He kicked Vado out but never held Tahiry accountable for throwing apples at his face. And no, I don’t think he handled this situation right either. A good bit of these “therapy” exercises are also disturbing, unhelpful, and problematic. Regardless, I wish Boo well and I hope she gets the help she needs. I know her father recently passed and she’s been through a lot.

  4. I don’t think they should be airing people out for doing drugs like this. Society is very judgmental and she’s going to be dragged. So how is this helpful?

  5. This right here is why people don’t like to be honest about their addictions. Read the comments on YouTube, Twitter, IG, etc. No compassion whatsoever. Just a bunch of perfect people tearing a black woman down as usual.

  6. This episode annoyed the f-ck out of me. A1 was literally rolling up a blunt to smoke on the episode. They get p-ssy drunk like it’s nothing. Dr. Ish doesn’t care. But they made it a point to throw Boo under the bus over coke when I guarantee she isn’t the only one using. So many people do drugs and deal with addictions, but we’re still not at the point when we can have honest dialogue about it and not shame people. Would have been better to just say a personal emergency happened and Emmet and Boo had to leave than doing this sh-t right here. Discretion was needed if the help wasn’t going to be offered right after.

  7. Is Dr. Ish a real therapist? It’s really weird to see a therapist expose someone’s drug addiction like this. Then he tried to force her to talk about it on camera. I’ve never seen a therapist move like this before.

  8. When Emmett and Boo were in tge bathroom you can hear someone take two snorts….before they found tge drugs i said to my bae it sound like someone just took a snort when they were in the bathroom…and then they find the baggie with white residue in it..

  9. Oh well, that’s what she gets for acting like she was at home, she should have put that stuff up like it is illegal. All that drama was a waste I heard her snorting in the bathroom too. I do agree Ish didn’t have to bust her out like that considering there was only one day left, that wasn’t very nice but she didn’t help.

  10. Dr. Ish should understand that he shouldn’t put someone on blast for their drug addiction. Especially as a therapist. A lot of people struggle with addiction because it’s their way of coping from trauma. Putting Gangsta Boo on the spot like this is only going to make her use even more.

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