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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Responds to Mariah Huq’s Accusations?

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

“Married to Medicine” has been in the headlines plenty thanks to speculation about the upcoming season. Weeks ago, Mariah Huq confirmed she didn’t receive a contract for season 8. Mariah was convinced that behind the scenes politics were at play. And she said she’s been treated unfairly for years. But none of the other women on the show have stood up for her.

She would later call out the producers in a recent interview with the Jasmine Brand. During the interview, she made a lot of serious accusations. Mariah believes that she is treated unfairly behind the scenes because she is a black woman. And she feels that the white show creators at Bravo are treated better.

She also accused one of the producers of Purveyors of Pop of telling her she couldn’t wear a hijab while filming a green screen interview.

Then of course she also said that she was not allowed to be involved in the Los Angeles and Houston spinoffs. She can’t understand why she doesn’t have any say so in the franchise that she created. And it was stated in her contract that she would have power.

When it comes to the drug accusations made by Quad Webb, Mariah feels they were used to push her off the show. She believes this explains why Quad was not fired for making the explosive claims.

So she’s going to take the necessary steps to sue.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes recently addressed Mariah’s accusations. Now it seems as if Dr. Contessa Metcalfe has as well.

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Im Sayin

    July 7, 2020 at 11:03 am

    These women are incapable of seeing Mariah’s side because they don’t like her. This shows a lack of maturity and integrity.

    • Jamaica941

      July 7, 2020 at 1:15 pm

      Mariah is Horrible! A boss should never fight their employees, case closed. She lost all credibility doing that, as I’ve said for years. If Mariah REALLY cared about the show, she would have stepped back and just been a producer.

      • Princess

        July 7, 2020 at 1:57 pm

        Lisa Vanderpumb is the creator, executive producer
        and a cast member of Vanderpumb Rules.

        Whitney Sudler is the creator, executive producer and cast on Southern Charm.

        Mariah can be all three if her white counterparts are.

        • Luxsola

          July 7, 2020 at 8:20 pm

          Absolutely right if she was Caucasian . Besides Shaunie O’Neal is on her own production so no excuse there. If I was Mariah I take my idea to another network. At at least retrieve her storyline and retriever the story.I say they’re some down dirty B-tches bar none. Skinks backstabbing thirsty b******.

          • Andrea Babb

            July 8, 2020 at 12:27 am

            I am so happy for Dr Contessa. I am so over Mariah and her winning.

          • Amelia Scott

            July 8, 2020 at 1:02 am

            Fatefull watcher of the show and I agree Mariah could still be consider just as strong a cast member & producer as Vanderpump. My group of friends think their should be no bias between management and cast. How dare you treat someone so unfairly who helped start this show.

          • Verna Murray

            July 8, 2020 at 1:03 am

            D-mn right

        • Elsa

          July 7, 2020 at 8:40 pm

          And none of those women act as horrible as Mariah on their own show. I’m sorry she needs to sit down. She just points fingers and doesn’t take any accountability with her actions. I could only imagine her behind the scenes.

          • ANGELA LOGAN

            July 8, 2020 at 2:46 am


          • QUEEN

            July 8, 2020 at 9:46 am

            Mariah H should maintain her position on this Show..She the reason it exist. The reason all the other ladies sign Big Checks including QUAD who been a Hater of Mariah from day one and all the other ladies follow suit..what happen to a mind of your Own..and Excuse me Boo Boo but she not married any longer but still on Show..Go Figure ..Heavenly your Hot Mess of Negativity and name should be Hell Raiser! I want be watching without Mariah and suggest Black Women that Support other Boss Black Women to do the Same…Boom 💥 #GiveMariahHerBossCheckandPositionBack

          • Yeah I Said It!

            July 8, 2020 at 12:41 pm

            I can tell you haven’t done your research if you think Lisa and Whitney are better than Mariah. LOL. I’m ready for all black people to understand white isn’t better.

        • Billie Lewis

          July 7, 2020 at 9:04 pm

          Black females have a seat.Respect your Black Boss. I bet she was non black she would be highly respected.No.1 reason Black owners can’t get ahead,they are not supported by Blacks.They begin to HATE ON YOUR SUCCESS

          • Pamela Robinson

            July 7, 2020 at 10:02 pm


          • Tenika

            July 8, 2020 at 11:56 am

            Are ALL of you forgetting she let her sister call Quad Derogatory names in front of her kids and
            tried to remove Quad from the show because of her divorce? …Berated Jackie because she didn’t look at a test?… Oh and let’s not forget she broke the glass on purpose and insinuated that she was about to stab Heavenly with it??? Maybe those things are why she has no contract!

          • Yeah I Said It!

            July 8, 2020 at 12:38 pm

            No Tenika, but I think you forgot all the derogatory names Mariah was called by the others including Quad. She didn’t try to remove the Quad from the show seeing as she has no power to fire anyone, so I’m not sure why you’re on here being dramatic. Quad shouldn’t be on the show though because she’s not married to medicine anymore. She looks stupid going on those couples trips. Jackie berates people herself, she calls people fat and said Mariah is like h*rpes, called Buffie infertile (when she’s not) and then blamed black women for the high black maternal mortality rate. Heavenly is violent herself which is why she threw a chair at Mariah and tried to fight Toya. Contessa has also tried to fight Toya and brags about fighting on Instagram. So if being problematic and violent is why Mariah didn’t get a contract, then you may as well cancel the whole show. LOL. So I’m pretty sure that isn’t why she didn’t get a contract.

          • Deon Rideau

            July 8, 2020 at 11:38 pm

            Boycott show, Quad should have been the cone kicked off

        • Barbara Turner

          July 7, 2020 at 10:06 pm

          I agreed and if Mariah is off the show I will no longer be watching Married to medine

          • Queen 2

            July 8, 2020 at 6:28 pm

            Bye. One mo key dont stop no show

          • Jane Olinger

            July 14, 2020 at 11:47 pm

            Mariah Huq is the show – I have only watched because of her and how authentic she is. She is funny and down to earth. Quad is faker than a 3 dollar bill I will admit they are a ensemble cast but there a huge void without Mariah that none of the other talent can’t fill. I stand behind her on the side and in front of her. POP is run by 2 queens and they are some of the most back stabbing – ruthless men disguised in a flamboyant Outfit pretended to be nice.
            Big time users take all of the good ideas and want to keep all the coins

        • Audrey Timothy

          July 8, 2020 at 6:35 am

          Gm, my dear. Don’t forget the color of the SKIN. GOD BLESS !!!!!

          • Natalie G.

            July 14, 2020 at 12:08 pm

            It’s a shame and a disgrace to see beautiful African American professional women act this way. You were so humble at the begaining then you get noticed and forget who you were before the show. What level of ignorance and belittling will you be serving this season for the show to make raidings. Ladies your beautiful crowns are tarnishing you are showing the princesses that watch the show to act like you thinking that’s cool. If it wasn’t for Mariah you would only be known for the profession you worked hard to achieved not the tv personally she gave you.

        • Fila

          July 8, 2020 at 3:49 pm

          Yasssss, that part

        • Chocolate Star

          July 8, 2020 at 5:15 pm

          Absolutely correct!!

      • Jay

        July 7, 2020 at 7:01 pm

        Mariah brings the ratings. The numbers don’t lie. You say that she lost credibility but HER show has outperformed others on BRAVO as a non-spinoff which is an incredible feat for BW on a network much less one like Bravo. They tried to imitate what she did in Texas and and Cali but failed both times. Even Mariah’s haters like Heavenly admitted that she did an incredible job casting the show and coming up with a premise. Contessa did a lot of the casting for LA and these women are manufacturing drama and constantly having the ATL ladies fly out there to hold their hands.

        • Princess

          July 7, 2020 at 7:33 pm

          I totally agree with you. Mariah handpicked the M2M Atlanta girls with the exception of Contessa. M2M Houston flopped, M2M LA in which Contessa handpicked Imani & Britten is a ratings disaster, I see it being cancelled or given another season. Heavenly, Toya & Quad made it interesting but ratings dropped after episode 4 despite the COVID-19 lockdown – despite people staying at home, they didn’t want to watch it because of its boring storyline

      • Mrs. Betty J. Holmes

        July 7, 2020 at 8:52 pm

        I was through wit Mariah wen she broke that glass while arguing wit Dr.Heavenly. Mariah is shady jus lik Shaunie O’Neal from Basketball Wives. If they r going to be Producer play dat role n not try n be a Starring.

        • Regena Levy

          July 8, 2020 at 4:49 pm

          To all those trying to BERATE
          Ms Mariah, jealousy is an UGLY
          THING just like Potato Head quad
          Buck Tooth cooontessa & Horse
          Face heavenly backstabbing jackie
          If horse face tried to throw a
          chair at me, I’d DEFEND MYSELF
          DONE DEAL, cooontessa a follower
          Ms Mariah should hook-up with
          Ms Kandi since she wanted to do
          a show, hers never got started
          because marh* aka Marlo wanted to
          be a Diva & Ms Kandi wasn’t having
          it, she knows how to handle business she’s been very Lucky in
          her ENDEAVORS

        • Ann Stevenson

          July 9, 2020 at 12:09 am

          I agree, Mariah became to much! Her every other word was Quad… She didn’t get along with any of the Women, one at a time, she alienated all of them! Mariah didn’t know how to act…

      • Tina Lassiter

        July 7, 2020 at 9:08 pm

        Black women can’t stand it when a nice looking women is in control. A bunch of haters. Mariah made that show and didn’t do anything worst than those other loud mouth chicks. I can’t believe she isn’t on the show this time.

        • Q

          July 7, 2020 at 11:50 pm

          Absolutely correct! There is some jealousy going on there.

        • Pamela

          July 8, 2020 at 9:55 am

          I can’t believe that the person who created the show can be kicked out of her own creation.And then not be considerate enough to ask if they would like to be able to stay on the show Mariah Huq is the show I won’t be watching.

        • Nannie Raymond

          July 8, 2020 at 8:11 pm

          Wow I’m disappointed I love when Mariah got good camera time, it’s a shame they kept the least interesting and messy people but sent the prettiest and most interesting people with a great story line but you can tell when majority of the group are jealous or just don’t like you they make sure you get gone Mariah I pray as this door close a big and classier one burst wide open with many opportunities for you and yours keep your beautiful head up and give them the peace sign go out in class as the lady you are that they couldn’t handle!

      • NubianQueen

        July 8, 2020 at 3:30 am


      • Ini pow

        July 8, 2020 at 10:46 am

        What a pathetically idiotic troll thing to say Jamaica .

      • Ann Stevenson

        July 9, 2020 at 12:04 am

        Mariah expects everybody to bow down to her! She lied on on Quad, but it didn’t feel good when Quad fought her ass back for once. Mariah probably did do drugs, that’s why she couldn’t let it go, and had the nerve to expect others to back her up! Now she trying to say that’s why she dont have a contract! She dont have a contract cause she’s a trouble maker, don’t play well with others and makes up ish! She’s mental!

    • Anonymous

      July 7, 2020 at 1:22 pm

      I agree. I won’t be watching this show anymore. A black woman’s show should not be stolen from her. They would never do this to a white woman. Contessa and the rest of these black women should be ashamed of themselves for being complicit. The peanuts they get shouldn’t be more important than their morals. Meanwhile there was a white actress who spoke up for Octavia Butler when she was being underpaid. When will black women unite and speak up for each other in the workplace?

      • Rashe

        July 7, 2020 at 4:42 pm

        I totally agree with you! I’m done with the show.

        • Clara kirkendoll

          July 7, 2020 at 5:31 pm

          Me too

          • Brandy Miller

            July 8, 2020 at 11:16 am

            I hope we all stick to not watching the show to prove what an Asset Mariah is. Dr. Heavenly is a mess starter and as well as the rest of them. Quad made heinous allegations with no proof and still has a seat. When Phaedra did that, she was licked off RHOA. That just proves how much they don’t care for Mariah. How you don’t back the woman that started the show and helped you get a check. Jealousy and envy at his finest. And I agree that I would like to see her son become a pilot and daughter start her medical classes. That is excellence at it’s finest. But we see Cecil and Simone kids talk about sex and having to switch schools because of grades and Heavenly son come home to wash his clothes; along with Coontessa kids with their grandfather. Those are examples of what Mariah is talking about, Why can’t we see her kids excelling, like they don’t want us to see that and only show us the bullsh-t going on with the other kids.

        • Luxsola

          July 7, 2020 at 8:39 pm

          I think you are horrible and bad manner to speak so harsh a talently person like Mariah. Hater will hate all I have to say.

          • Audrey

            July 8, 2020 at 6:39 am

            I don’t understand why BLACK PEOPLE can’t get along.

        • Deborah

          July 8, 2020 at 8:35 am

          im done with the show too.BRING MARIAH BACK.

      • Shalonda

        July 7, 2020 at 4:57 pm

        So true. If the shoe was on the other foot they would understand. The truth will set you free.

      • Tina Lassiter

        July 7, 2020 at 9:11 pm

        Yes indeed! They should of had her back. Black women can’t stick together.

    • Mary

      July 7, 2020 at 5:52 pm

      Well Contessa rides Heavenly and Jackie coattails, so her actually supporting Mariah is not expected.

    • idele

      July 7, 2020 at 6:25 pm

      I totally agree these so called professional women, are back stabbers, shady,hatchet earth disturbers. As a Africa. AMERICA WOMEN,, IM EMBARRASSED,
      BY THE Instead of supporting each other,they set each other

      • Denise

        July 8, 2020 at 10:49 pm

        I watch these reality shows that consist of our BLACK WOMEN. Sometimes I am embarrassed at the things they say and do. I don’t mind supporting our black sisters but almost all of the time they are so messy. We need to lift each other up and not tear each other down. Now if I choose to watch the show with or without Mariah it’s my choice

    • FITRAH

      July 7, 2020 at 7:30 pm

      These women are petty and ungrateful They behave like mean girls on the playground. Heavenly is petty and jealous, Contessa. Jackie and Simone are boring. Mariah always brings spice to the show. Mariah is the reason they have a job. Besides, Married to Medicine LA struggles and why did Contessa have any input? Her storyline is weak and I need to watch the LA version the next day so I don’t go to sleep

      • Queen L

        July 7, 2020 at 11:24 pm

        Well said!

    • Deborah

      July 7, 2020 at 8:40 pm

      I hate Heavenly with her oversized teeth and she a dentist she jealous of Mariah and Dr Jackie shame on you

      • Tina Lassiter

        July 7, 2020 at 9:13 pm

        I can’t stand Heavenly either. She is jealous of Mariah, has been since she started on the show.

        • Tee

          July 8, 2020 at 12:38 am

          And Heavenly is soooooo jealous of Mariah it appauling! Why cant the women who hate Mariah so much just leave the show. No matter what they do, the idea came from that very person they can’t stand but rather putting huge chunks of checks in their accounts! Smdh!!!!

    • Ms.D

      July 7, 2020 at 10:54 pm

      What I do not understand about all of these bravo shows that have lots of African American (Black)females, please someone explain to me why these woman”Tear each other down” What’s wrong with you all today we do not “Unite” we always fighting against one another what happened to “United We Stand Divided We Fall” all you women are very intelligent well off to where you should be supporting and helping other black women instead of tearing black women down, I thought the purpose of these shows was to encourage other women. I watch the shows but every time I watch Married to Medicine shows with Female Doctors it is disgusting to watch these women be jealous of each other stabbing each other in the back it is ridiculous all of you act like teenagers,little kids, grow up.If Mariah is being stabbed in the back or beat down treated with disrespect by this TV Station/Production all of you other women should be there for her and be role models for other young black women instead of stabbing each other in the back. Well I just where would you be “in your doctors offices” Mariah gave all of you Women a platform to come on TV to support other women.

    • Darlene

      July 8, 2020 at 10:24 pm

      In my opinion
      I agree with I’m saying. In my opinion, Mariah is the show. Without her, I won’t be watching the upcoming season.

  2. And What?

    July 7, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Contessa and everyone else in her crew will never admit what’s happening to Mariah is unethical. It is what it is.

  3. Tracy

    July 7, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    I saw the first two episodes of Married to Medicine La stop watching it once everything start coming to life with Mariah would do the same thing with the Atlanta episode because they are truly real housewives of Atlanta 2, fighting,
    Backbiting and jealousy but I will read the blogs but I would not give them the ratings

  4. Anonymous

    July 7, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    Done with this show.

  5. Malia

    July 7, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    I like Contessa and Scott so I won’t be disrespectful. But she’s missing the mark here. This is not about liking Mariah or not. It’s much bigger than that. There’s something terribly wrong with a Black woman being pushed off the show she created while white executives are making lots of money from it. Then the network treats the white creators much better. This isn’t okay. Mariah is far from flawless but this is where I draw the line. I can’t support this show if this isn’t made right. And I’m not just talking about Mariah getting a contract. She needs to be completely involved in the franchise she created.

    • Verastean Price

      July 7, 2020 at 6:08 pm

      I am with this show and the cast. I will never watch again. Over the years I’ve observed how poorly this cast and the producers have treated Mariah and her family poorly. I didn’t watch LA or Houston and refuse to watch Atlanta again.

    • Deborah

      July 7, 2020 at 8:42 pm

      And Heavenly stupid comment that lets you know they jealous and Quad Karma is a b-tch

  6. Princess

    July 7, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    Well said!
    We wont know the boring Contessa if Mariah had not created the show. Contessa is not a board certified doctor, i wonder why.

    • E.Jenkins

      July 7, 2020 at 6:50 pm

      Why is Quad allowed to continue on the show full time? She should be a “bad” friend at best; Greg probably only married her out of desperation; she certainly didn’t have any class befitting a doctor’s wife;she will never snag another doctor so she needs to exit
      sooner than later.

      • Brenda

        July 7, 2020 at 7:35 pm

        For Heavenly to be a professional she’s very ghetto, no class at all! She acts like a child when she says “your momma” to Mariah, that’s something we did back in elementary
        or middle school! I don’t think Mariah is as bad as Heavenly! She needs to see her spiritual counselor every day! They all need to support Mariah with the show she created!

  7. Dawn

    July 7, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Mariah deserves her seat at the head of the table Period. I love her she is the most down to earth keeping it one hundred I’m not taking no bs from no one sister I’ve seen on these franchises she is strong not weak and the others are
    So I guess they are intimidated by her strength By Quad. By Heavenly H-ll.

  8. Mae j

    July 7, 2020 at 7:14 pm

    I think that we should petition the company that produces the show to get the decision overturned. Mariah, please let us know how we can help. It is my opinion, the cast mates do owe you support as not ANY of them would be in the position had it not been for you

    • Support Mariah

      July 8, 2020 at 12:26 am

      there is a petition on called #bringmariahhuqback

  9. Sharon Cherry

    July 7, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    I’m not pleased to hear that Mariah being treated unfairly. she the creator of the show, it seems wronged for Mariah to be getting axed from her show, there no kind of unity with people’s on this show!

  10. Shirley

    July 7, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    Mariah has been picked on for quite some time. If black matters, why are we rejecting and downgrading each other and tell the world we matter? Let black matter and forgive, pull together and stop stamping on Mariah and Nene Leakes. These women have earned their places on these programs and we should all pull together to show unity Stop making negative news and become positive figures because you all matter.

  11. Latania

    July 7, 2020 at 8:39 pm

    Done with the show.

  12. Diane Dupree

    July 7, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    I will no longer watch the show if they do right by Mariah.

    • Diane Dupree

      July 7, 2020 at 8:54 pm

      Oops. I will no longer watch if they don’t do right by Mariah!

  13. anonymous

    July 7, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Every woman on this show has done horrible things. That has nothing to do with a black creator of a show being stripped of her power and pushed off the franchise she started. Mariah not being involved in the spinoffs is why Atlanta is the only show succeeding. Take her off the ATL show and it will fail too.

  14. Sharron

    July 7, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    I’ve gotten to where I no longer choose to watch ANY of these Bravo shows any longer. With the state of the world today, all of the pettiness, fighting, and ignorant behavior demonstrated on this show is not wanted. WE HAVE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO FOCUS ON.

    • Tamera Evans

      July 8, 2020 at 12:28 am

      I agree I dont even watch anything on bravo. It’s a pitfall for black women. They build them up just to set them up to fail. Shame on this network.

  15. Marilyn

    July 7, 2020 at 11:15 pm

    Mariah is the whole show if you ask me. They are jealous. I will not be looking at the show anymore. Quad is jealous and Heavenly is ghetto.

  16. Lex

    July 7, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    Lesson learned. Mariah should of hired a team of lawyers before she signed her contract. I like Mariah but fighting Toya by the pool was trashy. A real boss make boss moves and that was not one. That’s why she can’t be compared to Lisa from Vanderpump Rules.

    • Jane Olinger

      July 14, 2020 at 11:41 pm

      How would you know your not a boss!

  17. Anonymous

    July 8, 2020 at 3:47 am

    There are black people who are okay with racism and putting white people on a pedestal unfortunately. This is why things are the way they are now. Lisa Vanderpump is not better than Mariah. Truth be told, she just benefits from white privilege. The fact that any Black woman would get on here and uplift her over Mariah when Lisa actually stole from a Black woman to get ahead (NeNe) and had no issue with keeping racists on her show for years is shameful. Lastly, that fight between Mariah and Toya is the only reason Married to Medicine got a second season. Everyone knows that fight put the show on the map. Heavenly said so recently. Drama is why the Atlanta show thrives like it or not. But it’s interesting how white women can fight and be messy and violent on other Bravo shows and they aren’t judged or bashed for it by black women 🤔. Funny how Mariah needs to be perfect to be treated fairly and not have her franchise stolen from her. And y’all keep talking about lawyers and Mariah signing some bad contract when it’s already been said Purveyors of Pop isn’t honoring what was in the contract. Some of you sound like white racists making excuses for police brutality. Stop it with the respectability politics. It’s embracing racism.

    Anyway, I’m done with this show. I can’t support the mistreatment of a black creator. ✌🏾

    • Fye Adkins

      July 8, 2020 at 4:56 am

      You are so right!My entire hometown will not watch without Mariah on this show. Fi right by Mariah or cancel this show!

    • Oprah's Wig

      July 8, 2020 at 8:49 am

      Thank you. It’s disturbing how many black people are okay with racism as long as it’s happening to someone they don’t like. This is bigger than liking Mariah or not liking her. What happened to her isn’t acceptable. She should be getting the same contract, opportunities, and treatment as Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen. Instead she’s not involved in spinoffs, not allowed to practice her religion on the show she created, and gaslighted by other black women on the platform she created that they benefit from. It’s sick. All of it.

      • Elsie L.O

        July 8, 2020 at 12:06 pm

        Mariah is the creator of the show…she is the boss and cannot be kicked off…SHE IS THE SHOW period. Contessa is very boring, Quad is just a cheap-a*s back stabbing and extremely thirsty idiot..the rest of the cast just hang on for the pay and are lackluster. If Mariah is off the show then I am done with the show and all my friends feel the same way too ’cause Mariah is the only one in the show with diva status and with the caliber and strength needed to draw an audience period…hate her or like her that is the truth.

    • Diamond

      July 8, 2020 at 4:41 pm

      You’re absolutely right. There are black people out here who are okay with racism as long as it’s not happening to them or people they do like. The other women on the show are proof of that. Most of them spend all day on social media slamming racism and screaming black lives matter just to defend what’s being done to the black woman that created the platform they use to advance themselves. Sad indeed.

  18. chocolatediva1229

    July 8, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    My biggest issue with this is the fact that some of this isn’t making sense. Mariah was not a regular cast member for seasons 3-5 (whether that was by choice or not I don’t know. Mariah also said that many black producers had been on there and not treated fairly over the years and had all left. She said that she along with the other black producers were not invited to meetings and not involved in the production. Granted she is the creator of the show and holds the EP title, however, if she was not invited to be involved from seasons 1-7, it seems as though she signed a bad contract for Creator/EP in addition to her talent contract. I’m also curious if she is bring all this out now simply because she didn’t get the talent contract. Truth be told, this foolishness has been going on for years so why didn’t she say anything before. It just seems like a convenient time especially with everything going on surrounding uncovering systemic racism in corporations. I hope she isn’t an opportunist but not saying anything until you aren’t getting what you want anymore is concerning because she knew what was happening all along but her needs were getting met made her complicit.

    • Diamond

      July 8, 2020 at 4:34 pm

      Mariah has been talking about being mistreated behind the scenes for YEARS. The problem is it’s never picked up by major media outlets because Married to Medicine is not that popular. The ratings are good but it’s not on a Real Housewives level of popularity. But if you’ve been following Mariah on social media for years, then you would know she has never been silent about this. The only thing she should have done differently is suing Purveyors of Pop a lot sooner. I suggest you do your research instead of accusing a black woman of being an opportunist for calling out the racism and mistreatment she’s endured behind the scenes. I really can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading coming from other black women. Some of you truly don’t care about black women being mistreated if they aren’t someone you like. There’s something wrong with that. This is not about a bad contract. This is about a production company abusing its power. They didn’t even honor what was in her contract. I mean this isn’t uncommon. Research Big Fish Entertainment.

      • Latisha

        July 8, 2020 at 4:47 pm

        Don’t even waste your time. The producers have now made their way over here to write comments. Cast members too. You can tell when it’s them because they use the same narratives. They had a meeting to discuss what to say. Pay attention.

    • Troll

      July 8, 2020 at 5:00 pm

      Girl what? Mariah has been calling these producers out for years! That’s why they treat her so badly! She’s the only one who doesn’t kiss their a-ses! And you may as well call every black person in the country an opportunist because everyone is calling out racists right now. That’s why they call it a movement. Smh!

  19. Latisha

    July 8, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    I think a couple of the Purveyors of Pop people and M2M cast came on here and wrote some comments. I see y’all. Y’all don’t want to do right because y’all think the show can survive without Mariah even though the other two shows have flopped. Good luck with that tho. By the way, I see the chosen narrative is accusing Mariah of using the BLM movement to get a contract. Y’all have no issue going low I see. Hey Heavenly!

    • Ann Stevenson

      July 9, 2020 at 12:23 am

      When this show first came on, Mariah was fighting Toiya at a party over a well kept secret about her daughters Father. So whose fake? Then she wasn’t satisfied until she alienated every women on the show with her pettiness, because she wanted to be number 1. When others got more popular than her she kept up BS! Mariah is petty as h-ll.

  20. Troll

    July 8, 2020 at 5:02 pm

    They will certainly lose me as a viewer if they don’t fix this mess. Purveyors of Pop needs to go!

    • Cynthia Gordon

      July 8, 2020 at 8:46 pm

      Mariah needs to sue the producers a-s and that Quad for accusing her of taking drugs. She bites the hands that feeds because Mariah is the one that brought her to the show. Also, I can’t stand that stunk Heavenly.

  21. Teresa

    July 8, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    I’m done with Bravo period!

  22. Patricia Ealy

    July 8, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    Ok so I’m not watching then

  23. Yolanda

    July 9, 2020 at 1:09 am

    First and foremost, one would think in negotiating any type of business and contracts one would have put in certain clauses of what you would want or not to get paid for as a creator,producer, well as your input into the show in which you’ve created. Beside that’s why you hire and attorney if you’re not sure. So to me, just my opinion there’s something that we are all missing and surely we can’t know everything. It’s sad, but the fact of the matter is at some point when the show began to take off and was doing good she should have stepped away from being filmed on the show. So that she could be taken more seriously as a creator. Not only that, but to be her own eyes and ears to sit in on all business meetings, creative ideas. So that when she were to take things to another level to increase and start her own production company.She would be in total control so that others would follow her lead.

  24. Sheila Jones

    July 9, 2020 at 3:54 am

    I’ll find another show to watch.

  25. Sheila Dozier

    July 23, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    Heavenly is ignorant and ghetto, I can’t see why anyone would go to her. Contessa gets on my last nerves. Quad thinks she is better than everyone with her big forehead. Jackie is messy and shady as h-ll. I did like Simone and Toya but they are ignorant too. Every since the 2nd season, these heifers had a problem with Mariah and had the nerve to not invite her to anything but everyone sided with Quad, disgusting.

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