‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Karen Huger Goes There While Discussing Gizelle Bryant

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Karen isn’t here for Gizelle’s shade.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger knew each other well before the show. However, it’s clear that their time on the show has done a number on their friendship. Karen thinks Gizelle has been shady during some very sensitive times of her life.

When Ray Huger made headlines for his tax debt, Gizelle decided it would best to get a T-shirt made. She wore the T-shirt at Karen’s “press conference” about Ray’s tax issues. On the back of the shirt, the hashtags read #FreeKaren, #FreeUncleBen, and #TaxReform.

Of course, Karen was not happy about this.

Gizelle also made messy accusations about Ray.

Then there was that time Gizelle accused Ray of having romantic feelings for her friend Erika Liles.

She made the accusations after Karen shaded Every Hue Beauty. Gizelle was convinced Karen came for her company because Erika is one of her partners. And according to Gizelle, Ray “stalked” Erika all night at a Christmas party.

Gizelle also said to Karen, “Anytime Ray’s around Erika he leaves you in the dust, honey, so he can be right next to Erika.”

She also said, “You only got him because Erika don’t want him!”

In response, Karen said, “This is getting old. Gizelle needs to be worried less about my husband and more concerned about getting one. In particular, stop dating other people’s leftovers.”

And while Karen has shaded Every Hue Beauty, Gizelle has thrown shade at Karen’s La’Dame fragrance.

So it’s pretty clear why these women have a very rocky relationship. Interestingly enough, Karen had some very messy things to say about Gizelle recently on social media. And what she said is probably only going to make things worse between them.

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