RHOP Recap: Candiace & Monique Have More Tension + Monique Pays Charrisse Dust

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Robyn and Candiace clash.

Candiace is fed up after the others pressure her to apologize to Ashley for the racially insensitive comments Candiace made on Twitter. Wendy says it feels like everyone is just “attacking” Candiace. As for Candiace, she says she’s not trying to talk to Ashley in front of an “audience.”

Robyn then asks Candiace if she remembers going “berserk” on Ashley and throwing a knife at her. Candiace tells Robyn to “shut the f*ck up.” After Candiace says she had a right to do what she did because Ashley was in her home when she wasn’t wanted there, Monique attempts to interject. But Candiace doesn’t want to hear what she has to say.

Monique and Candiace make peace, briefly.

Gizelle then questions when Candiace and Charrisse became friends. And Monique says that she didn’t like that Charrisse came to Candiace’s anniversary party and she wasn’t given a heads up. At this point, Candiace says she didn’t know that Monique’s issues with Charrisse were so serious, but she apologizes for not letting Monique know she would be there. She only invited Charrisse because she was just sending invites to all the people she thought wanted to be there. It wasn’t a shady move.

After Karen points out nothing will be resolved at the moment and people need to let it go, Ashley and Candiace agree to talk about their issues privately at a later time. They also hug it out.

Once the cameras stop rolling but the audio continues, Monique playfully talks to Candiace. She tells her she had to call her out. But Candiace doesn’t understand why she couldn’t do it one on one and not in front of the others. In a green screen interview, Candiace says Monique acts one way in front of the group and another when she’s not around them. So this makes her two-faced. It’s clear at this point that despite Candiace and Monique appearing to have squashed their issues, Candiace was still feeling some type of way about it all.

Michael and Ashley aren’t where they want to be.

Ashley and Michael are going to have a sip and see for Baby Dean. In a green screen interview, Ashley reveals that she and Michael are struggling with their sex life. She’s still experiencing discomfort from giving birth. This saddens her and she really wants to be able to reconnect with Michael physically.

Gizelle and Robyn catch up. They discuss Gizelle’s ex-husband Jamal Bryant. Gizelle said she saw so much growth in Jamal when he went through the process of becoming the pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Metro Atlanta.

With Gizelle’s birthday coming up, she’s not sure of how they can celebrate it. Especially with her daughters not being all that thrilled about them being back together.

Wendy and Eddie are a power couple.

Eddie and Wendy are from the same Nigerian tribe. He’s also a lawyer. So they have an amazing connection with each other. And Wendy is always hot for him, too.  She even nicknamed him “Mr. Chocolate.”

Wendy herself has four degrees and she’s a professor at John Hopkins University. She’s also a political commentator and makes appearances on MSNBC and Fox News.

Monique and Candiace vent.

Chris has three children from two previous relationships. So he and Candiace go shopping for his daughters. While shopping, Candiace says she may get a gift for Baby Dean. She’s been invited to the Sip and See. Chris thinks this is a very good idea and he’s happy Candice was invited.

Monique has potty trained her bird, T’Challa.

When the doorbell rings, Karen is not happy to see the bird on Monique’s shoulder before she walks in.

They have to discuss what happened at the dinner. Meanwhile, Chris and Candiace talk about it, too. While she understands Charrisse and Monique had issues, she didn’t think it was that bad.

Of course, Monique is still shocked Candiace doesn’t understand what the issue was.

As far as Candiace is concerned, the dinner showed Monique is not a real friend. But Monique thinks she has been a real friend to Candiace.

Jamal has a surprise.

Gizelle and the girls meet Jamal for her birthday dinner on a boat. It’s pretty awkward as they wait on the food to come out. After they break the ice somewhat, Jamal says he has a surprise. It’s in an envelope. When opened, it’s revealed that the girls are now partners of a new restaurant in Atlanta. So they officially own their first business. Grace is a tad bit disappointed that it wasn’t tickets to a Nicki Minaj concert

Tension lingers.

It’s the day of the Sip and See. Monique is there and talks to Robyn and Gizelle. They bring up Candiace, and Monique acknowledges that things got heated between them. But she doesn’t think Candiace knows how to be a friend. They wonder if Candiace will eventually get it when she’s iced out the group.

When Candiace arrives, she speaks and sits next to Monique. But a bright spot is her getting the chance to hold Baby Dean.

Things are still not the best between Karen and Wendy. In fact, Wendy still thinks Karen continues to act like they haven’t met before.

Not too long after, Charrisse arrives. In a green screen interview, Monique says she didn’t want to go when Ashley told her Charrisse would be there. But she gave her a heads up and she knows Charrisse and Ashley were friends before she was even in the picture.

Candiace storms off.

After all the women get together, Ashley says it’s a good moment to be real and discuss what’s being said behind Candiace’s back. And some of the women feel she has a hard time admitting when she’s wrong. Candiace says that the dinner just wasn’t the right time. After a little more tension with Monique, Wendy says in a green screen interview that Monique is not Candiace’s friend.

Wendy points out that the issue is Candiace may not feel she has real friends in the group. But she’s a real friend to Candiace. Monique tells Wendy to tread lightly and it’s another petty moment between her and Candiace.

At this point, Candiace gets up and decides she just can’t talk about it anymore.

After Candiace walks off, Gizelle calls Candiace a 30-year-old 14-year-old. Meanwhile, Ashley goes outside to talk to Candiace. She still says she should have been able to talk to Ashley without an audience.

Monique ices out Charrisse.

Inside, Gizelle tries to get Monique to talk to Charrisse. But Monique isn’t interested and she walks off, too.

Outside, Candiace gets emotional and says she’s hurt about how things are going with Monique. But she’s surprised that Ashley is the one there to console her. But she still doesn’t want to talk about her issues with Ashley right now. Now isn’t the right time.

Back inside the party, Gizelle and Robyn are still asking Charrisse why Monique doesn’t want to talk to her. In a green screen interview, Gizelle says that Charrisse was the one who went around telling everyone about Monique’s “side piece” who happened to be her trainer.

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