‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Tokyo Vanity Vents Frustrations with the Music Industry

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Spice and Tokyo have come a long way.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tokyo Vanity is known for her self-confidence. While she loves everything about herself, people have often used her weight to clap back at her in the middle of a feud. In fact, this is what Spice did when she first met Tokyo.

They immediately clashed after Tokyo learned Spice may have been hanging out with her ex-boyfriend.

The women nearly came to blows over the drama, too.

Tokyo’s self-confidence can’t be taken away.

While discussing her blowup with Spice, Tokyo said, “And then like, I love the f*ck out of who I am. Okay? I love everything about me. When somebody feel like that’s something that you supposed to be like down about, it’s a million women who, they you know, they talk to me every day. And they be like, ‘I love you. You make me feel beautiful and you make me feel like I’m supposed to be who I am.’”

She added, “You think I ain’t never heard a fat joke before? B*tch, I love myself the way I am. But it don’t give people the right to be mean and hateful. I want to be an example for them girls that look up to me. And by feeding into all that negativity that Spice bought, really blew me because I let her bring me right back to where I came from. And I really felt like I let all those little girls who look up to me…I let them down.”

Interestingly enough, Tokyo’s confidence hasn’t made her experience in the music industry easier. Hours ago, she vented about it. And she’s tired of her the double standards she has to deal with due to her physical appearance.

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