‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Calls out Lisa Nicole Cloud & Toya Bush Harris + Spills Tea

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Heavenly still isn’t here for Lisa.

While some “Married to Medicine” fans aren’t convinced the show can go on without Mariah Huq, it appears the cast for the upcoming season doesn’t have a shortage of drama. This probably isn’t surprising considering Kari Wells and Lisa Nicole Cloud have returned to the show.

When Lisa left, she wasn’t on good terms with Quad Webb and Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

And it seems as if things haven’t gotten better between Lisa and Heavenly.

During an interview with “Just A Thought” with Shari Nicole, Heavenly answered a fan question in which an Instagram user asked if she’s on good terms with Lisa now.

In response, Heavenly said, “No…I don’t play with my money, I don’t like people playing with my money. I work too hard for it. I’ma just keep going…I don’t…no…no…no.”

Heavenly revealed the latest accusations thrown her way and slams Toya.

Heavenly also spilled some tea about the upcoming season. Apparently, some people on the cast accused her of being gay.

She said, “They accused me of being gay this season. Me!”

Heavenly added, “But listen, I don’t give a d*mn. If I was, I swear to God I would tell you, I swear to God. That’s why you can’t get nobody like me because lie on me…how you gon hurt me? I got my man, I been with him for 26 years.”

And when another Instagram user asked where she stands with Toya, Heavenly said, “I just think Toya’s an idiot, I just do.”

Heavenly then elaborated, “The stuff she does and the stuff she says is not thought out. And it’s just stupid and I know she’s there for a check. She needs her check. But the stuff she’s doing just does not make sense. It’s too disrespectful, it’s too far. And when you retaliate, her feelings hurt.”


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