‘Love & Marriage: Hunstville’ Star Melody Holt Puts Martell Holt All the Way on Blast

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Martell recently reacted to rumors of Melody having a boyfriend.

While some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans were thinking Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s divorce could just be for the show, things have actually gotten messier.

In fact, Martell has been coming for Melody on social media for months. In one video, he appeared to insinuate that Melody allegedly cheated on him. And recently, he seemed to insinuate that Melody has been skipping out on her duties as a mother. This was in response to an Instagram follower telling Martell they allegedly saw Melody with her new man.

After the jabs at her motherhood, Melody decided to hop on Instagram Live.

She’s furious that Martell is trying to make it seem as if she has been slacking as a mother.

Does Martell have a baby on the way?

Melody also said that Martell has been trying to get back together and she wishes he would just leave her alone. And she also alleged Martell has a baby on the way.

She said, “I mean sh*t, it seems like he would, you know, leave and keep it moving and bow out anyway because the fact of the matter is I left you, I filed for divorce. You told me you had a baby on the way, you told me you had a baby on the way, Martell. And she wasn’t getting rid of it because something like cause she on got rid of kids for y’all before and she wasn’t doing it this time or whatever. So why are you even bothering me?” Melody continued, “So I’m asking you now, just leave me alone.”

Check out the video below.

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