‘Basketball Wives’ Star Royce Reed Addresses Being Called Bitter Amid Dwight Howard Drama

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Royce’s co-parenting relationship with Dwight has been full of drama.

Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed may no longer be on the show, but she has still been in the headlines. This is due to the contentious co-parenting relationship she has with Dwight Howard. For years now, Royce has accused Dwight of not being in their son’s life.

Dwight has seemingly responded to this by dragging Royce to court. It was also reported that he filed for a gag order on Royce as well. Regardless, Royce continues to speak her mind about her ex. So after he won his first NBA championship, Royce had some things to get off her chest. This of course was the case after Dwight’s text message conversation with his fiancée Te’a Cooper accidentally went viral. The athlete was on Instagram Live celebrating when his phone then went to the text messages. In the texts, Te’a was seemingly asking Dwight if there was any truth to a rumor.

Royce called out Te’a for ruining Dwight’s big moment and the ladies had a little back and forth on social media. And when people began to be critical of Royce, she vented about her long-standing issues with Dwight as a father.

Another baby momma had something to say.

Interestingly enough, now another one of Dwight’s exes has called him out.

On a message posted to Instagram, she wrote, “Imagine watching the love of your life or someone you care/cared about become a terrible parent, ignore their child’s emotional needs for the sake of ego and pride and literally leave their other child to be taken care of by a babysitter for, say two months. Imagine they ignore their children and neglect speaking to them. Would you root for them if they won anything? Would you support that person publicly?”

You can check out the post here.

After Dwight’s other baby momma’s message went viral, Royce responded. And she had something to say about being called bitter.

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