After Her Controversial Interview with Martell Holt, Dr. Heavenly Kimes Has More to Say

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Heavenly called Martell out for his excuses.

Martell Holt has a lot of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans talking about his latest interview with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. To no surprise, the “Married to Medicine” star didn’t make things easy for him. While Heavenly did allow Martell to tell his side of things, she wasn’t here for his explanation for his five-year affair. According to Martell, he began to entertain another woman because Melody allegedly wouldn’t sleep with him.

Heavenly pressed him on this. And she told Martell that his mindest was one of a 17-year-old’s. She also told him that as the man, it was his responsibility to find out why Melody wasn’t sleeping with him. And it was on him to fix his marriage. Heavenly also said that men cheat because they want to, they aren’t forced to. Martell strongly disagreed and Heavenly then unleashed on him.

And she told Martell that he’s not the kind of man that she would ever submit to. In fact, men like Martell have to be with weak women. She also accused him of being arrogant, too.

After the interview, Heavenly clarified some things.

Heavenly had a little more to say on Twitter. She wanted to clarify the point she made about submission.

In the tweet, she wrote, “Maybe I didn’t make this clear…Submit to a man, only if he submits to you. And loves you like Christ loved the church…don’t submit to some BS!! #pray #protect #provide #HeavenHelpUs”

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