'Basketball Wives' Star Kristen Scott Discusses Her Experiences with Colorism
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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Kristen Scott Discusses Her Experiences with Colorism

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Kristen Scott isn’t on good terms with Bryon Scott and Cece Gutierrez.

Basketball Wives” star Kristen Scott had an eventful recent season. Things only worsened between her and Cece Gutierrez. Although it was assumed they were close at first, Kristen eventually called Cece out. And she claimed that Cece and Byron Scott don’t see her daughter enough. Byron took this as a dig at his abilities as a grandfather. He then said it was Kristen and Thomas Scott who made it difficult for him to see his granddaughter.

Byron so was so furious about the accusation that he decided he didn’t want to invite Kristen to their wedding. He also called Kristen out on social media, too.

However, the drama for Kristen would only worsen after an explosive argument with OG. After Kristen came for OG’s boo Kwame Alexander, OG revealed that Byron isn’t actually Thomas’ biological father.

OG said she was a victim of colorism on the show.

Kristen was devastated, and she later found out that Cece was the first person who told OG this. Byron would later confirm it and he didn’t see the big deal about OG knowing this. But Kristen thought it was spiteful for OG to use the information during an argument. As for Thomas, he didn’t really appreciate that his adoption became the focal point of the show.

OG’s revelation wasn’t the only hot topic on social media. Later on in the season, OG said that she believed she was treated differently than the other women on the show due to colorism. Kristen was one of the people who didn’t see it this way.

Interestingly enough, Kristen recently opened up about her past experiences with colorism.

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  1. SexyLexie

    November 15, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Girl Bye 😽 you treated OG horribly..Whatever, everyone experiences BS
    in the world..So now all of a sudden you bring up your skin tone..It doesn’t matter what
    color you are and how beautiful you are..U WILL FACE OBSTACLES IN LIFE..U trying to be something you’re not..Stop it with the color of your skin, you’re beautiful and u know it.. u used CC and you were wearing her clothes, because you can’t afford designer clothing..Child I don’t care about the brands I wear..I’m not spending my hard earn money on clothes..My father been dead 40yrs and his words still hold the same, black ppl money is on their backs and what they drive..They don’t have a dime saved for hard times, when that happens, they lose what they have because they saved no MONEY..
    Have 6 month of your expenses in the bank, when something happens, you can still pay your bills and not lose your house..As a race Black ppl need to stay out of all the designers store..Y’all making them wealthy and they still laugh at you and know you’re DUMB..They don’t like y’all wearing their clothes at all..I can’t recall the one that finally said it out loud, Tommy H..Oh they boycotted him, he hired Beyoncé or someone like her to pose wearing his clothes..The man said exactly what was in his heart..He didn’t want to start losing money and he wealthy..See the common denominator, he apologized to save his brand..I could less at brands.. Sales, red tag, last call is my time to shop, if not I have clothes for work. Don’t save and look at the economy now, no one knew it would be this bad..Well it’s a buyer’s market now, interest rate 2%, ppl with some money is doing just what I was told. Except they kicking families out on the street. I’ve bought several homes and I’m not kicking the out, they have no way to pay a note, but as soon as the economy changes and they get a job..I’m going to allow them to rent it, until they can afford to buy it back from me..My heart won’t allow me to kick out on the streets..Most of y’all are faking anyway and I love my life, I earned it all..If I lose anything of mind, the whole world is losing also..I saved for the sake of knowing, I can survive this and live within my means.. I live a very blessed life because I kept the promises I made to Jesus, not man..

  2. Anonymous

    November 15, 2020 at 5:24 pm

    I really thought Kristen and OG were heading in the right direction after Kristen supported OG after her brother died. But nope.

  3. Trina

    November 16, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    Didn’t she say colorist was not an issue? Oh yeah new season time.

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