RHOP Reunion Recap: Karen & Monique Demolish Gizelle + Andy is Left Speechless

rhop season 5 episode 20
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Gizelle doesn’t care about what people think of her style.

Before the ladies get deep into it, Ashley confirms she’s six months pregnant with baby number two.

Producers put together a compilation to show how much the cast has grown since season one, this also includes green screen interviews.

Andy asks if Karen got any work done to her face. She says she did have a filler added to the tip of her nose.

They talk about Karen’s harsh criticism of Gizelle’s fashion choices. Gizelle says she doesn’t care what Karen feels about how she dresses.

Robyn speaks on Gizelle’s fashion.

Karen says Gizelle is beautiful but her taste sucks. And it’s been “therapeutic” in quarantine. She gets a kick out of seeing what Gizelle is going to wear. Wendy says Gizelle suffers from “pretty girl syndrome” so she doesn’t have to try very hard fashion-wise.

Andy then asks Robyn what she thinks about Gizelle’s style.

She says Gizelle makes some bold fashion choices that aren’t for her but Gizelle makes it work for her.

Candiace says that she would love to see Gizelle get with a really good stylist because she’s such a gorgeous woman.

Gizelle says Karen wore fake Fendi on the show and it said “Endi.” Karen says she had her Fendi outfit altered to fit on her shoulders properly.

Robyn and Gizelle call out Karen.

After a viewer asks why Karen has been going after Robyn and Gizelle said so much, Robyn says that Karen blamed them for the altercation. And viewers dragged them because of this. Karen says this has nothing to do with her, but she did notice that Robyn and Gizelle seemed to really enjoy seeing it all go down at the winery.

Wendy’s first season is discussed.

Everyone points out that Gizelle took a liking to Wendy pretty fast and it was a surprise because she’s usually hard on the new girls. But Gizelle admits that she wanted to be open to Wendy because they are in the same sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Wendy says she is still a professor at John Hopkins University.

Ashley says that it’s great how successful Wendy is but she uses her accomplishments to put other people down. Wendy doesn’t see it this way. They then put the focus on Karen. And why she isn’t impressed. Gizelle says that she did embellish what Karen said about Wendy by saying she was a “floozy” political commentator. But Karen was trying to get Wendy kicked off the show.

Karen says this is a lie.

Gizelle then says that Karen pulled her to the side and said Wendy wasn’t a good fit for the show. Robyn says she did say this.

Karen says she only said she had challenges connecting with Wendy.

Despite their issues, Karen thanks Wendy for being a good sport.

Wendy says the real issue is that she didn’t go to Karen to allow her to be a mother figure to her on the show. Karen says this isn’t true and Wendy doesn’t have to come to her as anything but herself. They can have a fresh start now. And she’s glad that Wendy was such a good sport with the “slithering “ walk.

Candiace defends her tweets.

Andy asks Candiace if it’s true that she finally moved out of “Dorothy’s house.” Candiace says they will discuss this more when Chris comes out.

He then asks how Candiace’s single compares to Ashley’s.

Candiace says Ashley’s vocals are trash and she doesn’t need autotune like Ashley did. Ashley says Candiace needs to look in the mirror before she calls people trash. And her tweets are awful. Candiace then brings up Michael and says that he’s “itching and needs a test.”

Her tweets come up, again. And Andy says Candiace is a disaster on Twitter. But Candiace says she’s only defending herself.

Is colorism a factor?

After a viewer asks why Robyn and Gizelle were so harsh on Candiace about her words to Ashley, because Ashley has been harsh to others about their own personal lives, they deny this.

Andy reads a question from a viewer asking if Candiace and Wendy are seen as aggressive towards the other women because they are dark-skinned.

Wendy says that’s a good question and looks Robyn’s way. When Robyn asks Wendy why she’s looking in her direction, Wendy says she just wants to hear what the answers will be.

Monique says she was called aggressive and she’s not light-skinned. So it has nothing to do with that.

Wendy then says that Ashley saying she was aggressive towards her made some viewers degrade her on Twitter and use slurs.

But Ashley says Wendy was trying to pick a fight with her. So she felt the word was appropriate.

Wendy says Ashley was wrong and Andy then asks what’s the appropriate way to even call a black woman aggressive. Monique then says they called her a hood rat and ghetto, so maybe that’s fine with them.

Andy tells Candiace to calm down on Twitter.

Candiace says that she can use her words too well to her detriment. She does understand that she can pull back sometimes. Andy says her life will get better once she eases up on Twitter.

They change the topic and Candiace says that she’s moving forward with a baby. She confirms she’s back in school for her MBA, and she did buy a house with Chris without her mother’s assistance.

After they go to break, Monique seems a bit annoyed with Candiace. And she’s prepared with receipts for everyone since people want to spread rumors.

Every Hue has been shut down for now.

After Karen shades Gizelle’s home decor, Gizelle says that she must have taken some Geritol. Karen then calls out Gizelle for ageism and says that she’s 50 years old herself.

When it comes to Every Hue, Gizelle confirms her manufacture went out of business because of the pandemic. So the products are no longer being sold.

Karen brings up that Gizelle came for La’ Dame and it’s doing well at Bloomingdales.

Gizelle’s reconciliation with Jamal is discussed.

To no surprise, Gizelle’s dad Curtis’ comments about Jamal are brought up. She says the comments are something she will accept because she knows her dad will always support her.

Karen says it’s rumored that she and Jamal agreed to pretend they are together so Gizelle would have a storyline.

And she wonders if it’s true Jamal had another baby while he was with her.

Gizelle says Jamal didn’t have another baby. And her dad exaggerated the number of baby mommas he had.

After Gizelle denies the latest rumor, Monique goes all the way in.

Monique then interjects and says Jamal has a girlfriend who reached out to her with pictures of her in the bed with him.  She then pulls out her binder that contains copies of the text message conversation Jamal allegedly had with said woman. Monique then reads Jamal’s phone number out. Andy asks Gizelle if that’s Jamal’s number and she says yes.

Monique then continues to read text messages in which it’s brought up that Jamal faked the reconciliation with Gizelle for a storyline. Karen then asks if Jamal is going to appear at the reunion with the other men. Gizelle says no.

After Monique’s revelations, Gizelle’s speechless, and Candiace gets angry, calling out Monique for putting all this together. She says this was very “low” for her to do.

Regardless, Monique keeps going in on Gizelle and says that she’s a fraud who has a new man every season. And her kids don’t even like the situation. Gizelle is still speechless while Candiace and Robyn try to take up for Gizelle.

What are your thoughts on part one of the reunion?

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